Portable ice makers are very popular. They are small and compact, so they tend to be great travel companions to make ice with while camping in your RV or a cabin. Portable ice makers also eliminate the need to spend money on tons of ice for your next get together. Many portable ice makers offer very similar features but can vary greatly in price. We took the guess work out of it for you and found the 6 best portable ice makers for 2016. 

1. Portable Ice Maker w/LCD Display: $139.99, Amazon

With a clear LCD display and easy push touch buttons, this portable ice maker is very simple to operate. It has a 2.8 liter water reservoir and can make up to 26.5 pounds of ice each day! You can also choose from three different size cubes, which are easily accessed through the unit's removable tray.

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2. Ivation Portable High Capacity Countertop Ice Maker : $152.99, Amazon

For a bit more money, this portable ice maker also has a 2.8 water reservoir and will yield up to 26.5 pounds of ice daily. Once again, you will have the choice of three cube sizes. It is quite compact and perfect for smaller living spaces. There’s a large see through window along with alerts for low water level and when the ice capacity has been reached.

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3. Knox Portable Ice Maker w/LCD Display: $299.85

If you’re willing to spend a lot more, this 2.8 liter ice maker can make up to 27 pounds of ice daily. Don’t expect that all at once though. Each batch will produce a little more than 1.5 pounds of ice. It also can churn out three different size cubes and any melted ice gets remade automatically. Additionally, the interior tray can hold up to 2.5 pounds of ice. 

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4. Knox Compact Ice maker: $109.95, Amazon

This portable ice maker can also make 27 pounds of ice in 24 hours, for much less money. Like the other ice makers, it also has three cube sizes to pick from and a removable tray for transferring ice. After starting the machine up and filling it with water, you should get your first batch of ice within about 15 minutes.

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5. Ivation Portable Ice Maker w/Easy-Touch Buttons for Digital: $149.99, Amazon

This portable ice maker can produce 26.5 pounds of ice a day. It has two cube sizes to pick from. There are also two indicator lights; one light lets you know when the water reservoir is low, and the other alerts you to when the ice tray is full.

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6. EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker: $159.99, Amazon

This portable ice maker produces 28 pounds of ice in a day. It offers three different ice cube sizes, and the ice bin can store up to 2 ½ pounds of ice. Once you fill it with water, it should begin making ice within about 10 minutes. It is very compact, so it can easily be used on RVs and boats.

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As you can see, most portable ice makers boast very similar features, from the capacity they claim to produce in a day to the various ice cube sizes to pick from, but the one thing that stood out the most, was the very different prices. It's clear that you don't need to spend almost $300 for a portable ice maker. For $109.95, you can get the Knox compact ice maker, or for a little more, at $152.99, the Ivation portable high capacity countertop ice maker will do just as good of a job, if not better.

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