8 Best automatic home standby generators for 2017

Ensure your evenings are cozy, and your high-tech toys are charged with an automatic home standby generator

Standby Generator (photo credit: PR)
Standby Generator
(photo credit: PR)
 Electrical blackouts cause unexpected inconveniences that can be avoided with an automatic standby generator. Destructive storms not only bring rain, they also disrupt power, causing homes and businesses to go dark and cold. Power interruptions can cause havoc on technical equipment and files, not to mention the data lost due to the disruptions from these unforeseen storms. For families that rely on continuous electrical power for critical medical equipment home, standby generators are literally life-savers.

Where there is a disruption in service, the automatic standby generator senses the disruption automatically activating the generator's safety switch. Before converting the generator’s power to building's electrical panel, the switch vigilantly checks that the generator is running safely. Either natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel gas are utilized to run home standby generator’s internal combustion engine to help avoid any disruption of electrical power. 

1. Generac 6461 Guardian Series - The 6461 Guardian Series of automatic standby generators offer safe, clean air-cooled, and efficient operation. Its sensitive electronics are assisted by 200-Amo, 16 circuits, 100-Amp Prewired EZ Automatic Transfer Switch. These generators are UL, CUL, and EPA compliant for safety. This machine is best in its class thanks to its effortless operation to assist with hands-free operation without the need for manual starts, extension cords or need for fuel. These machines are compatible for use with the sensitive home electronics and appliances. It receives high scores from reviewers for easy installation and use. This automatic standby generator is well-built, sturdy machines. 

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2. Kohler 20RESAL-100LC16 – An Air cooled Kohler 20,000 Watt Home Standby Generator with 100 Amp, efficient 16-circuit automatic transfer switch. This generator has a quick 10 second response time when powering up your home. It has one of the best motor response-time, starting power, and machine quality. This machine runs noiselessly yet is powerful even in the severest seaside weather conditions. Kohler products are known for their corrosive-free stylish enclosures perfect for any outdoor environment. Automatic standby generators built by Kohler are trusted by weather services, airports, and hospitals for their electrical power backup needs. 

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3. Briggs & Stratton 40450 – This compact Briggs & Stratton automatic standby generator handles an entire home’s power system for non-interrupted power usage. The 40450’s significant power capability comes from its 10,000 watts when powered up by a 200 Amp transfer switch. Knowing that you have a Briggs & Stratton for your home’s backup electrical needs gives you peace of mind against the hazards that occur during inclement weather. The automatic transfer switch offered with the 40450 can handle loads of up to two three-ton air conditioners while powering the other appliances in the home. Choose between Essential Power Plus system, the generator will power a limited amount of circuits along with the two ACs or with the Managed Whole House Power selection. The system will power your essential household appliances to protect against power outages with the help of its Load Control Center. The 40450 offers flexibility that many homeowners desire.

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4. Generac 6462 Guardian Series
 – For your home’s crucial power protection the Generac 6462 Guardian Series with 16,000 kW will ensure that your necessities remain running during unexpected power outages. The entire house will be covered when paired with a Generac load shedding switch offering the capacity to back up a 5-ton air conditioner. It runs on the home's natural gas or liquid propane supply lines. This particular generator has been assessed for operation in low natural gas pressure areas. This eliminates the need for extension cords or to waste time refueling, or manually starting the generator. This model is CUL, UL, and EPA compliant for safety. When Combining the Guardia Series 16 kW home standby generator with a pre-wired transfer switch, re-engineered connecting points and composite mounting pad makes installation uncomplicated. 
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5. Briggs & Stratton 40445
 – You will not believe power for the price and size of the 8,000 Watts Briggs & Stratton home standby generator. With the economical 50-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, it covers a home's primary power circuits to help power up small appliances, a refrigerator, televisions, and lights. Perfectly tailored for installation on any property that offers more possibilities for its placement. It can be installed outside thanks to its rugged encasement or indoor near the household circuit box. This generator caters to any homeowner's power needs. For its size, it is a powerful unit to meet your needs to power-up your home within several seconds of a power outage.

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6. Briggs & Stratton 40346 – Looking for a 20,000-Watt Home Standby Generator System with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, then the 40346 is for you. It will manage all of your appliances with the Managed Whole House Power system will power your household appliances along with two air conditioners. The 200 Amp transfer switch works well in outdoor or indoor conditions. It’s resilient weather encasement makes its installation straightforward. The 40346 home generator’s compact size gives the homeowner a wider choice of placement options. These units have been tested by the nation’s top fire protection agencies that allow the placement (by code) for the generators to be as close as 18 inches of the home. This makes the 40346 unit great for small home or businesses. 

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7. Generac 6438
 - Generac’s ideal 11,000 Watt generator is run on natural gas or liquid propane. The 6438 utilizes the efficient technology 200-Amp Smart Transfer Switch that is rated for indoor use only. The instinctive 200-amp smart transfer switch powers up a home within seconds of a power outage. It does not need a manual setup or any heavy extension cords. The Generac engine is Air-cooled allowing it to handle larger electrical demands. The 200 Amp Smart Transfer Switch requires the homeowner to purchase the Group-26R 12-volt minimum 525 CCA battery separately. The 6438 generator is packaged with the necessary installation manual and electrical cords for installation. Its enclosure is made of strong steel weighing close to 407 pounds, and it is worth its weight when the lights go out.
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8. Generac 6551 Guardian Series
 - The 6551 Guardian Series utilizes 22,000 Watts to power the Air Cooled Standby Generator. It requires liquid propane or natural gas to function. Its hands-free operation makes it convenient to use. With a 200-Amp Transfer Switch, this generator proffers safe, effective care of your home's sensitive electronics. This Transfer Switch is not included with the generator that is required for the automatic functionality of this unit. Today's air-cooled 6551 model is lower in cost to run and lower price than liquid-cooled models of this size. Generac 6551 Guardian series is EPA, CUL, and UL compliant for safety and clean performance.
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The newer automatic generators are the answer to avoid any disruption in electrical power needs. Home and business owners that require a machine that operates with low natural gas pressure will find the Generac 6462 is a good choice. For properties that do not have much space to spare the Briggs & Stratton 40450, Briggs & Stratton 40346, and Generac 6462 Guardian Series all offer easy placement due to their size with powerful service. Most of the 20,000 Watt models with their 200-Amp quick transfer switches will give you the added protection and service required. The customer ratings are helpful when buying a product like this for your home. Safety is your first concern when dealing with electricity.

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