A special treat to indulge yourself directly from the Dead Sea

Minerals Health & Nature Products from Dead Sea presents 100% natural paraben free health and beauty products.

dead sea cosmetics 88 248 (photo credit: Sponsor)
dead sea cosmetics 88 248
(photo credit: Sponsor)
MINERALS Health & Nature Products from Dead Sea presents 100% natural paraben free health and beauty products, based on the purest minerals that have risen from the depths of the Earth, and are found in the Dead Sea - the deepest, densest, and most mineral-rich body of water on earth. We all need a few moments to dedicate to our well-being and to forget our burdens, our commitments and the global economical situation. Winter, cold and greasy days are here already. This is the right moment, to indulge ourselves, and to spoil our beloved ones! Minerals products are designed for face, body, hair and healthcare. As a marine source of bio-energy, the minerals stimulate latent cells and revive the mechanisms that are essential for healthy skin. Revolutionary patented formulas bring immediate positive results in skin firmness, elasticity, hydration, texture and radiance, making the skin look, act and feel younger. Known for their light textures, easy absorption, and exceptionally rapid effects, Minerals products are formulated especially for every skin type and every age. Based on the Dead Sea's black mud and salts, all products are natural Paraben free. They combine the minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea with herbal extracts, essential oils, and multi-vitamin complexes - a flawless balance of the finest ingredients - in order to enable full utilization of the power of the Dead Sea's minerals. No products or compounds are derived from, or tested on, animals. All packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Minerals was founded in 1993 in order to develop, manufacture and market a complete range of advanced Natural Health and Beauty products based on the minerals found in the Dead Sea. Minerals represents much more than a cosmetics company … It is a way of life, an understanding of the interaction between body and soul, health and beauty, and a reverence for the endless powers of Nature's gifts. Minerals believes that bringing the body's system back into balance is the way to achieve beauty through wellness The company products are now available for purchase at: www.deadseacosmetics.com Testimonials from our satsified customers Cinizia Cascioli from Italy: "In this moment i reiceved the package..... It's OK !!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for help me !!!!!! Your products are the best.... see you at next business........... Bye from a rainy day in Rome !!!!!!!!!!! Cinzia" Geeta Bholan from the United States: "I should say thank you also...for those wonderful products. Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year." Yuliya Kostina from the United States: "I've received my order and would like to thank you for your wonderful service. I'm looking forward to be your permanent client! Happy Hanukah! Yuliya Kostina" Suzy Al Raheb from Canada "I received my order this Monday and started to use the products on the same day. Lovely results, nice fragrance from all. A big thank you for the 3 free gifts which I tried and liked so much...esp the fabulous fragrance."