Braude College is a well-established higher education institute that encourages academic collaboration with industry. Located in the city of Karmiel, between Akko and Safed, the College boasts spectacular views of the Galilean mountains and the Beit HaKeren valley. Braude College specializes in the science and engineering professions, and is also integral to the development of the Galilee region through advancing industry in the area.

The College currently has about 5,000 students in different programs, including about 2,800 studying for bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering and the exact sciences. The College awards B.Sc. degrees in the following subjects:

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•    Biotechnology Engineering
•    Electrical and Electronic Engineering
•    Mechanical Engineering
•    Information Systems Engineering
•    Software Engineering
•    Industrial Engineering & Management
•    Applied Mathematics
•    Optical Engineering

This year, we have added M.Sc. programs in Systems Engineering, Biotechnology, and Software Engineering.

Braude was one of the first colleges to launch academic engineering programs, and is the only college in Israel to have a curriculum that includes practical experience in the workplace. For more than 18 years, Braude students have gone out to experience work in factories, service organizations, businesses, and research centers in Israel and abroad. Approximately 4,000 graduates have entered the market to date. Most are employed in their chosen profession, and some have attained high ranks in leading companies.

The College's achievements can be clearly seen through its vast academic work and contacts with research bodies in Israel and overseas. The majority of its staff works in research, publishes leading manuscripts, presents work at international conferences, receives research grants, and is active in relevant academic communities. Some of the College's research activities have practical applications, carried out under the auspices of the College's own R&D company, "Ofek Eskolot R&D Ltd.", which works to create intellectual property and commercialize it, and also to cooperate with the R&D departments of local industry.

Braude's excellent relationships with overseas universities are expressed in several contexts – research, student exchange programs, students undertaking research in universities abroad, and hosting overseas students for one semester in the Galilee.

In Spring 2011, the College will launch a study abroad program, enabling overseas students to study at Braude for a semester. 

Study Abroad Program - Spring Semester 2011

Braude College’s Study Abroad Program offers overseas students the opportunity to study engineering for a semester at the leading engineering college in Israel’s Galilee region. All courses are conducted in English, and are recognized by U.S. universities. Academic credits earned in the Study Abroad Program are transferable, and can be used towards the completion of a degree in the student's home country.

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