Gold backed IRA | How to start gold investment with IRA?

Typically, an investment for retirement is viewed as important yet it may be considered confusing when looking at future possibilities and plans. An Investment retirement account (IRA) is considered the best financial retirement option for investing your pension funds, protecting it from taxation and helping to manage your future to come.

Gold Backed IRA (photo credit: PR)
Gold Backed IRA
(photo credit: PR)
 However, knowing your savings are safe is not a guarantee for a prosperous IRA, inflation, stocks and market changes seem to constantly pose a threat on your future investments and retirement plans. While interest may provide increase in amount, it does not keep track with actual market inflation or even predictions.
Gold backed IRA is the right way to securely invest in your future.
Why should I individually invest my IRA?
Investing your IRA in gold is possible at any time with a transfer from your existing IRA directly flowing to another custodian of your choice. 
An IRA rollover is an alternative transfer. That occurs when you receive the distribution from your existing retirement account and then turn around and deposit it in another retirement plan custodial account. The market has many options and with the right investment you can ensure for yourself that your funds are invested where they can flourish and also dynamically keep up with the market.
What is Gold backed IRA?
Up until recently as 1997, the U.S government placed restrictions on IRA investments to cash-based contributions only. In the form of stocks, bonds, money market funds and mutual funds. The 'Taxpayer Relief Act', Congresses issued in 1997 introduced new rules regarding investments that can receive tax-referred treatments: gold, silver and precious metals in special custodial IRA accounts.
Having a precious metals account gives individuals the ability to invest their financial funds for retirement in a precious metals account. With a custodial account you can invest in gold with the privacy and security of an IRA. Any Roth, SEP or Traditional account can be used for precious mental investment.
Why gold is a smart investment?
Most importantly is that, unlike paper, coins or other assets, throughout the ages gold has maintained its value. The perception of gold has always been connected to wealth and as a way of preserving that wealth from one generation to the next. Because gold has geopolitical value that retains itself, it is commonly known as the “crisis commodity”, since people are mostly drawn to it in times of uncertainty or political tension rise, during such times gold usually outperforms other investments. For example, between 1998 and 2008 when the U.S Dollar experienced value drops compared to other countries, people flock to the certainty of gold, which has caused the prices of gold to nearly triple during that time, reaching a milestone of $1000-an-ounce and then nearly double between 2008 to 2012, getting to $1800-$1900 mark.
How to start investing in gold backed IRA?
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