How To Start A Beauty Blog In 8 Easy Steps

Starting a blog is easier than you think, check out our easy-to-follow 8 step guide to becoming a successful beauty blogger.

How to start a beauty blog (photo credit: PR)
How to start a beauty blog
(photo credit: PR)
It's no secret that these days the FROW at Fashion Week is more or less filled with all of our favourite fashion and beauty bloggers, who let's be honest are owning the blogosphere and we love them! The top bloggers are earning more money than imaginable and have shown us that when you make it, you make it BIG. Generating some serious cash whilst being endorsed by all your favourite brands and products, well that's a beautiful way to enjoy your days. More inportantly, you get to do what you love most and as the saying goes "if you do what you love most, you will never work a day in your life!"
So, if you're an aspiring make-up artist, beauty product fiend and love trying out all the latest products, then why not start a blog, generating reviews, writing passionately about what you love, you could even start a you-tube channel. Ok so you think it's hard? It's really not, in fact we have a simple 8 step guide to help you get on the road to stardom, so start sharing your talent with the world today and then you can get your beauty sleep...



Thought about what you want your domain name to be? If not give it some thought and let yourself brainstorm with a couple of ideas before making up your mind. 
Now head to Bluehost to check if the domain name is available by entering the name in the box that says ‘new domain’ then click ‘next’. 

Click Here To Get Started With Your Domain On Bluehost 
(Opens In New Window)


OK! So what happens if you already have a domain? No problem click on the 
'I have a domain name' below

You will be prompted to pick a plan. The starter plan is the one recommended for anyone who’s not already a familiar blogger:

Next you need a host for your domain name. Hosting is basically renting a space on the web to display your blog. Bluehost has great rates and will provide you with the domain name for free - if you use them as your host.
This really is the best deal available for hosting websites and blogs.
See screenshot below for the package settings chosen in the example.
The ’Domain Privacy Protection’hides your personal address and phone number from being displayed publicly.

Click the PLAY button below to see a full-walkthrough of the process here:


Once registration with Bluehost is complete the next step is installing WordPress to your Bluehost account.
WordPress is a blog and website building software. Many known sites are made with this amazing software. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to use and even easier to install on your website.
Login to your Bluehost account, navigate to the ‘MOJO Marketplace’ section inside the cPanel, Click One-Click Installs and Choose WordPress

On the next page click the Install button.
Select your domain and then click the Check Domain button.

Check the box that says Terms and Conditions then click Install now.

Once the installation is complete, on the top part of the screen, you will see a message with a link to “View Credentials” - These will provide you with the Address, Username and Password you need to login to your WordPress Admin Panel.
If you haven’t changed them during the installation you want to save your credentials somewhere you can find them. After login you may change these to something more memorable.
Simply type your Admin URL into the web browser. You will see a login screen same as the one below. Enter your WordPress Username and Password you saved from the previous step.

You are now officially logged into your own blog. Hurrah!


Congrats, you now have your very own beauty blog. Isn’t this a great feeling? Welcome to the world of online blogging!
Only 1 more step left until you can start inspiring beauty lovers all over the world, but we aren't done yet because besides all the technical stuff, we have to think about content, your audience and monetizing for success, so let's continue!
Now, you still need to pick your WordPress theme. The theme will determine your blog’s style, structure and navigation.
When deciding on your theme, you want to pick one that reflects your personality, whilst remaining user-friendly and of course, catching the attention of your target audience. There are so many great themes to choose from, so feel free to check out the Wordpress themes by clicking the link below:
Alternatively, you can find more complex themes available for purchase with customized style and a larger range of exciting features - the beautiful thing about starting your own blog, is that you can design it exactly how you picture it, whilst developing it over time and enjoying yourself in the process.
JPOST LOVES! Check out our favourite Themeforest beauty themes:


"Gladiolus is a responsive WordPress blog theme which brings simple and clean design. It’s very flexible, fully customizable by WordPress Customizr. It’s a perfect fit for Fashion, Lifestyle, Photography, Personal, Business, Non-profits blogs or people looking for a theme with clean design to share their photos, galleries, videos and articles."



"Biancca is a fully responsive WordPress blogging theme especially for fashion & lifestyle bloggers. With minimal and clean layout is a content-first to delivers comfort for your readers. Features live theme customizer let you do the customization easily, supporting google fonts, unlimited accent colors, three blogroll layouts, and many more useful features. Biancca also supports WooCommerce plugin lets you setup your online shop easily."

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"We built Falive as a super streamlined, fluid reading blog theme. We have made it easy for visitors to browse your blog’s content, so they spend more time enjoying your articles, which leaves them wanting to come back for more. Falive is also very easy to customize, maintain and use on a daily basis. We have integrated a one-click install feature, as we have with all of our latest themes. Falive is a “no fuss, no muss” theme, so you can focus on the most important thing, creating engaging content!"
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How To Be a Succesful Beauty Blogger...

So you love makeup, you know the best beauty products, whether you are in for the a bargain buy, or the latest bank-breaking craze, it takes passion to discover the best techniques and trying out the products on the market to share valuable knowledge with your readers. If you are looking to start a beauty blog, then we are guessing that you are already sharing your talent by word of mouth, sharing tips with your family and friends on how to do their makeup or what products to use. Now it's time to inspire people all over the world, building and engaging relationships with your readers. When creating a blog, it uses some technical knowledge and a lot of menial tasts, yet once that is done you may ask yourself a series of questions such as:
"How do I get readers?"
"How do I monetise my blog"
That happens to many bloggers, so don’t fear because you’re in good company. What matters most now, though, is that you take a few tips and effectively apply them so that you can create your blog and make it a project that is as beautiful and attractive as your makeup. While no two beauty blogs are the same, it is uniqueness that makes a blog thrive, and there are a few key components that make any beauty blog successful. So if you want to share your knowledge of the beauty industry with the world, you need to follow these 5 beauty blogging tips. 

1 - Create Your Brand

It truly is individuality that attracts readers to your blog instead of all of the other beauty blogs out there, so from the beginning, you need to create your brand. It is important to remember that a logo does not make a brand. Sure, your logo is important, especially since it helps your readers recognize your blog, but it is not the only element of your brand. 
As you establish your brand, think about the focus of your blog. Do you want to provide straightforward tips that are so easy to apply you make anyone feel like she can be a makeup artist? Or, do you want to keep your readers coming back because you are so fun and relatable? Keep these questions in mind with every single post you write.
From there, think about what type of logo will go cohesively with the theme and mission of your blog. Select colors that help make you stand out, and choose a design that is unique and consistent throughout your site. A catchy header is another important component when establishing your blog brand. The header, the band at the top of your blog, is the first thing that readers see, so make sure it is attractive and accurately reflects your brand's image.

2 - Streamline the Layout of Your Blog

Second to branding, an effective layout is essential to your blog's success. To create a great layout, think about what you would want if you were simply a visitor of your site. Have you visited a blog that you landed on only to discover you couldn’t figure out where anything was and you had a hard time deciphering the content? If you have, you probably didn’t stay very long because the layout wasn’t effective, so make sure your blog isn’t one of those.
There are three main components of any blog design that you should keep in mind when designing yours. They are:
• Header: Like previously mentioned, it’s the first thing your readers see, so make sure it is attractive and specific to your brand.
• Sidebar: The sidebar is all of the content to the side of your posts. It contains additional information and may also have elements such as links, widgets, and knickknacks. Feel free to personalize this space, but make sure it does not become cluttered. Also, make sure that everything in your sidebar is relevant to your overall purpose.
• Footer: This element is at the base of the page. It is the exit site, but it also contains additional information that can be very important to your readers. It includes additional content as well as social media links. It helps you get readers to interact with you more before exiting your page.
In addition to personalizing these three elements, think about the organization of your blog's categories. Well-defined categories and tabs make for much easier navigation, which means readers will spend more time exploring your site.

3 - Engage Your Readers with an Effective Email Campaign

While it’s important to keep getting new eyes on your content, you also want to work on building up your audience and making readers want to keep coming back. One of the best ways to do that, aside from delivering stellar content all the time, is by engaging your readers through email. Getting visitors to sign up for your email list will ensure that they get regular content from you, and if it is an effective email campaign, it will attract additional readers to your site.
So, you should begin by enticing readers to sign up for your email list, which can be hosted through providers like Feedburner or Mail Chimp, by offering them something in return. As a beauty blogger, you want to provide them something of value that relates to your content, such as a simple guide to effective contouring or some other stellar tips that they can’t get anywhere else. After that, provide subscribers with insider content, so that you are making it worth their time to be part of your email list. Providing this content will help you get return readers and help build your pageviews faster.

4 - Nail Down Your Content

There are hundreds of beauty blogs out there, so to stand out, you really need to nail down your content. There are a few different things you need to consider when it comes to delivering stellar content that attracts readers. First, you need to provide information that people are looking for. Obviously, there are a lot of people out there looking for beauty tips and tricks, but it’s not enough to just know that. Do a little research and think about what it is that people really want when it comes to beauty. Some of the most sought-after content on beauty blogs include makeup and skincare reviews, product comparisons, product “dupes” (products that are essentially the same, but one is usually much less expensive), makeup tutorials, makeup suggestions, and much more.
In addition to knowing what readers are looking for, you also need to know how to “play the game” with search engines. This requires that you have a little bit of business knowledge when it comes to researching keywords and optimizing your posts. In a nutshell, you want to take a look at the relevant topics based on your niche, come up with a few keywords that relate to those topics, and use a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner to help you decide what keywords are currently being searched the most. Once you identify keywords, you need to use those strategically within your posts so that your site will start ranking higher and drawing in more visitors.

5 - Be Consistent

Consistency is an absolute essential when it comes to being a successful blogger. That means consistency in voice, content, and even your posting schedule. So, how do you stay consistent as a blogger? First, make sure you plan. Planning your content will help you stay on track with a consistent schedule. Make it a goal to plan at least a month in advance. Once you have a plan, start writing. Set aside uninterrupted time on a regular basis to write. You should have posts written at least a week ahead. Having a plan and spending regular time writing will help you maintain a consistent focus on your content, which is essential for any blogger. Your content also needs to be fresh and relevant to all of your readers, so make sure you keep that in mind as you are planning and writing.
Creating and maintaining an effective beauty blog is no easy undertaking, but it can be done if you have a passion for your content and know how to approach the process. Use these tips to make your blog stand out from the rest and become a successful beauty blogging maven.

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We won't keep you a minute longer, I am sure that you are eager to get snapping!! Enjoy writing your content, a few last words would be always remember to be yourself and your readers will love you for you! 


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