There is an almost natural magnetic draw to Jerusalem that stirs within us a special emotion. For millions of people around the world the heart of ancient Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, symbolizes spirituality and mysticism, a place of prayer and miracles, the centre of the world and a holy portal to God. The city's impressive city gates and massive golden walls, lined with age, tell the story of thousands of years of civilization, from Abraham and Isaac to the glory of King Solomon's Temple and of great battles by great armies and empires hoping to get a foothold in the Eternal City, longing to possess a "piece" of her. "This is what the Sovereign Lord says: This is Jerusalem, which I have set at the center of the nations, with countries all around her." (Ezekiel 5:5) The Temple held God's most important and precious gift to humankind, the tablets of stone engraved with His covenant with the People of Israel. Upon it are written in His finger the Ten Commandments, God's laws and moral teachings for humankind. The absence of these tablets has not deterred us from longing for His return to the Holy Temple and from following God's will. Holy Jerusalem Stone was founded by Mr. Amir Betzaig, who was inspired by the rich texture of the hard limestone and dolomite stones found in Mamilla, situated a short 750 meters from the Holy Temple Site, along the historic paths trodden by the prophets of old, Isaiah, Jeramiah, and Nathan. Amir Betzaig wanted to create something of value from these fragments of the Holy City that were identified by geologists as special "Mizi Achmer" variety. (The stones were examined and identified by geologist Moshe Levin from the Geological & Geotechnical Survey's Ltd.) "I will make every effort to bring it into the homes of believers everywhere, especially those from afar who may never have the opportunity to walk on Jerusalem's holy steps," pledges Betzaig, "and create a must have in every household." For Amir it seemed natural to create miniature replicas of the Ten Commandments to stand as a reminder of the covenant and deliverance of the God of Israel, the timelessness of His codes of ethics, and a message to pray for Jerusalem, the coming of the Mashiach and world peace. The stone tablets evoke a unique religious experience to all who see, touch and read them. Rabbi Raphael Mamo, Head of the "Gate of Jeudah" Yeshiva, expresses his excitement at holding The Ten Commandments by Holy Jerusalem Stone, "The sanctity of the stones from Jerusalem blessed by God, whose divine spirit is felt here for time eternal and from the days of Abraham our Forefather, is greatly apparent in these tablets of stone that you presented before me. I am convinced that all who touch or gaze at them will immediately feel as if God, Our LORD is speaking to them through the tablets. And thus will it strengthen the belief of all mankind, in the God of Israel, and all of their hearts desire will be fulfilled for the good of all, Amen." Each stone tablet is uniquely colored and lined with age and individually crafted by Israeli craftsmen. Some of the craft work is performed by disabled people. For a 56 year old illiterate disabled woman, working closely with the letters found on the stone slabs of The Ten Commandments turned out to be a profound and even miraculous experience. Upon working on the letters, a short year later the woman was able to read the full text as it is written upon the tablets. The Ten Commandments represent the Jewish and Christian faiths which has guided and enlightened the people and nations of the world from age to age. Let God's voice stir your hearts, fill your life with meaning, and keep you balanced and just. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may they prosper that love thee." (Psalms 122: 6) View The Ten Commandments and other stone religious crafts and items by Holy Jerusalem Stone on its website: Contact Us at Link to the TV commercial

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