Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus Tuberosus) Where to Buy & Health Benefits

The Jerusalem artichoke, also known as helianthus tuberosus, offer an astounding number of health benefits. In particular, they are an extremely rich source of insulin.

 Jerusalem Artichoke (photo credit: PR)
Jerusalem Artichoke
(photo credit: PR)
Not to be confused with regular artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes are a type of root vegetables and are also referred to as sunchokes. In fact, the tubular vegetable is not related to the North American artichoke at all, but it is a relative to the sunflower plant and is actually native to eastern North America. The tuberous roots of this plant served as a vital food source before potatoes grew in popularity. Today, Jerusalem artichokes are recognized for their many health benefits. The taste of this vegetable is often compared to that of water chestnuts. When cooked, Jerusalem artichokes take on a creamy texture, making it easy to substitute them for potatoes. This vegetable can also be eaten raw. A healthy source of numerous vitamins and minerals, Jerusalem artichokes are also believed to provide an incredible array of health benefits. They have the ability to act as a prebiotic and provide a natural source of insulin. 

Benefits of Jerusalem Artichoke

1. Maintaining a Healthy Blood Sugar Level

This tuber plant has been used in the diet since ancient times for reducing blood sugar levels. Individuals who suffer from diabetes may find that consuming Jerusalem artichokes on a regular basis can help them maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This could prove to be vital to individuals who suffer from the effects of diabetes and who are looking for a way to mitigate the long-term effects of the disease.

2. Controlling Cholesterol Levels

Since this vegetable helps to metabolize fats at a faster rate, it could also be helpful to individuals with high cholesterol. In addition to normalizing blood triglyceride levels, Jerusalem artichokes are also used to normalize cholesterol levels while providing protection from a number of cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure. 

3. High in Iron

Sunchokes are also high in iron. A single cup of this vegetable provides one quarter of the recommended daily iron intake. It would take three ounces of red meat to equal the same amount of iron provided by just one cup of Jerusalem artichoke. Since this vegetable is also low in calories and has no fat, it's a great way to increase iron intake. As an essential element involved in the delivery of oxygen, iron is vital for overall optimal health. An iron deficiency can result in decreased immunity and fatigue. 

Where to Buy Jerusalem Artichoke?

Given the incredible array of health benefits offered by the Jerusalem artichoke, it's important to know where to purchase this product to receive the highest quality and best results. Below, we cover the best places to buy both sunchokes for cultivation in your own garden and Jerusalem artichoke capsules/supplements.

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke:

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Organic Helianthus Tuberosus Variety

If you are interested in growing your own helianthus tuberosus in your home garden, buying organic sunchokes is an excellent option. This organic variety of Jerusalem artichoke is an excellent option because you receive a good selection of different size tubers, cultivated for fast sprouting, and ready for immediate planting. 
Hardy Red Jerusalem Artichoke Variety

This red variety of Jerusalem artichoke is a great choice for growing in cold climates because it is able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. It's known for producing quite well, and it is a trouble-free crop, which is great if you are new to gardening and growing sunchokes. 


Jerusalem Artichokes Capsules/Supplements

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Full Spectrum Jerusalem Artichoke
400 mg 60 Caps

While Jerusalem artichokes can be grown and cooked in your own home, taking the capsule form is also a great way to get the many health benefits offered by this plant. Full Spectrum Jerusalem Artichoke capsules are completely organic and provide an easy and convenient way to incorporate Jerusalem artichoke into your daily diet. 
Salem Botanical Nutritional Supplement Capsules, Jerusalem Artichoke
Cultivated using a special botanical method, the plants used in this supplement have been highlighted as a way of promoting healthy digestion and supporting healthy gallbladder and liver function. Each capsule contains 500 mg of leaf extract to provide the maximum health benefits. 


Offering an astounding array of health benefits, including the ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, the Jerusalem artichoke has been used for many years in the diet. While the plant is primarily grown in eastern North America, home gardening enthusiasts and those interested in taking advantage of the health benefits of the Jerusalem artichoke can do so by properly selecting the right organic variety. When used in its natural form, the Jerusalem artichoke can be substituted for potatoes in a number of dishes, snacked on raw, or even added to salad to introduce a fresh, crisp crunch. Jerusalem artichoke capsules and health supplements can also be easily incorporated into one's diet to attain the same health benefits.

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