Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA Program

It enhances the skills and effectiveness of senior executives for upper level management positions.

Avner Stepak 248 (photo credit:)
Avner Stepak 248
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Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA Program The Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA Program is offered jointly by the America's top rated Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University. It enhances the skills and effectiveness of senior executives for upper level management positions in organizations that operate in the international arena. An International MBA For Global Business The program is part of an evolving global network of parallel programs in the US (Chicago and Miami), Hong Kong, Germany, Canada and Israel. The joint International Executive MBA program combines the cumulative experience of the Recanati and Kellogg schools in running executive MBA classes over many years. Aimed at mid-career executives seeking the best in managerial education, the globally oriented studies are conducted in English over two academic years, mainly at Tel Aviv University with time spent at Northwestern University, and in either the Far East or Europe. Graduates of the program receive a joint MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Northwestern and Tel Aviv Universities. Top Level Studies and Workplace Skills The program's curriculum integrates all managerial functions and disciplines. The class schedule allows participants to continue working while studying to master a broad range of operational and managerial skills. In addition, this schedule offers students the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills immediately in their place of work. Teaching at the program is done primarily by selected senior faculty members of the Kellogg and Recanati schools as well as selected faculty members within the Kellogg global network. They are distinguished faculty members, well known at home and abroad for their research and practical business experience. "Joining KR program was one of the most significant decisions I made in my life. I gained professional expertise and practical tools that I utilize in my daily business practice. Through this experience I met wonderful people many of whom I remain in constant business and personal relations. During my study sessions abroad I also met exceptional individuals from around the world who received me with great warmth and hospitality. KR is a school for life" Avner Stepak, CEO Meitav Investment House "I joined the program aiming to enrich my managerial skills. Since the program is characterized by three vertex points: Evanston, Illinois visit; Shanghai, China visit; and the visit of students from other Kellogg partnerships to Israel. In my experience, the program added value is in the international networking which exposed me to International business etiquette, which leads to a different approach to a solution for the same problem. Understanding the approach difference is of assistance in my current international business relations". Dani Shavit, CEO, Eldan Transportation Group Israel "From the academic point of view, the Kellogg-Recanati Program gave me the knowledge, confidence and credibility to enter business conversations that were previously 'outside of my box'. Yet the total KR experience is far more than a two-year academic journey …. The KR Alumni Club provided me the gateway to rapidly build a quality Israeli business and social network, a privilege and differentiator for someone who had recently emigrated from England. Furthermore, the 50,000-strong global Kellogg alumni network, the "K" in the "KR", has time and time again enabled me to develop business opportunities in companies around the globe, and at lightening speed". Stuart Ballan, Commercial Director, 888 Holdings plc President, Kellogg-Recanati Alumni Club Member, Kellogg Alumni Advisory Board To learn more about the program: Tel: 972-3-6406312 Fax: 972- 6407803 3