Portfolio Prophet Review - An Overview About Bill Poulos Program

Portfolio Prophet (photo credit: PR)
Portfolio Prophet
(photo credit: PR)
Created by Bill Poulos, Portfolio Prophet is a home study course that trains you how to trade effectively Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The program is geared to both long-term and short-term traders. This course provides you with a highly beneficial ETF strategy and trading technique. Besides, the course also includes free software that automatically alerts you to the best set-ups.

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The Portfolio Prophet home study course includes:

⦿ Six reference manuals
⦿ The Trade Alert Software
⦿ Six broad training videos
⦿ Two trading blueprints
⦿ Access to standard Q&A sessions with the product creator (Bill Poulos)
⦿ Quick start guide
⦿ One year unlimited support
According to Bill Poulos', the Portfolio Prophet study course offers users the complete control over their destiny, making them conquer the basic flaw inherent with the old techniques that have proved infective to most investors. As an end-of-day position trading technique, Portfolio Prophet utilizes the flexibility of ETFs and combines it with expert software that delivers the correct spot to place your trades with absolute accuracy. In this course, Bill Poulos shares in-depth instructions featuring his short trading strategy to profit from the market crashes. The trade alerts in the course are built into the software to ensure that you are not left holding an empty bag.
The presence of the ETF trading secret in the Portfolio Prophet software can result in huge profits if the techniques in it are used in the right way. Moreover, this product offers a feature that allows you a bar-by-bar trade analysis, such that the potential investors can see how it is easy to trade using this feature. Also, the Portfolio Prophet entails the proprietary formula known as the "Fast Filter Method," which screens those ETFs that are beneficial to the investor's portfolios, therefore, reducing the chances of making trading losses.
Nonetheless, the presence of the software is the most critical thing about the Portfolio Prophet program. This software can be installed on up to three computers. Additionally, this software automatically updates itself after the end of each trading day, and it offers you with all the latest trading alerts regarding which ETFs you ought to consider purchasing the next day.
The program has three different settings that are designed to locate the best trading opportunities for all types of traders. Notably, these settings are customized for moderate, conservative, and aggressive traders and can effectively identify the right opportunities from various ETFs. Therefore, this program can be utilized by different forms of market investors and help them accordingly. But if you intend to find out more information regarding the criteria this software utilizes and how effective it is in identifying the best long-term trades, I propose that you check at the Portfolio Prophet page.
With many settings ranging from aggressive to conservative, the Portfolio Prophet software enhances traders to decide which ETFs to purchase and sell and at what time to do so. Therefore, this software provides operators with entry as well as exit signals, making it easier for them to adequately identify Stop Loss Orders and Profit Targets.
The Portfolio Prophet will offer you the benefits of capturing clearly all the emerging trends, allowing you the chance to avoid the harsh effects of market sell-offs. The trading materials in this course empower you to know what exactly you ought to do, and the associated software will tell you the exact time to do it.
The Portfolio Prophet offers the decisive one-two punch for the traders and investors looking for a simple, fool-proof and highly accurate system. By using this powerful software and system, traders and investors will grow their current portfolio, create stable income, and protect what they are already having. Additionally, the Portfolio Prophet can help traders and investors to safeguard their accounts from enormous losses, the education and the tools to think and trade for themselves.


⦿ The course is easy to follow and can help you begin trading ETFs with the minimum amount of time and effort, decreasing your rate of trading risk to the lowest percentage as possible.
⦿ The course is effective in showing you how to add another lucrative income option to your regular trading practices.
⦿ Besides giving you the education and the skills you require for successful trading, it also supports them with the necessary back-up.
⦿ The program is effective to be used even in times of economic crunch. This method is dynamic and can, therefore, be adapted to any market dynamics.
⦿ Portfolio Prophet is not only a program, but it offers you with skills and education you require to understand fully the market functions. Therefore, it means that you can customize this program as you like to render your trading experience as unique as you are.


Besides the above-highlighted strengths of the Portfolio Prophet program, there is an obvious weakness:
⦿ The course study provides a relatively large amount of information that might make it difficult for you to follow. In other words, going through all the available information alone while at home might sometimes prove to be cumbersome for you.

Bottom Line

Since 1974, Bill Poulos has been trading the markets and has since developed many good trading systems and techniques. Much the same as his previous trading systems and methods, the Portfolio Prophet seems to be useful and beneficial to you if you are looking forward to finding a way of making consistent returns from ETFs. Having watched and followed the preview videos of the portfolio prophet, I will have to admit that I am impressed with it. The program alerts you to the strong ETFs, and it will often help you to capture an enormous chunk of the upward price trends. The presence of the profitable trading technique makes it a sound investment. Besides, the complimentary software is a good inclusion because it makes it easier for you to identify great trading opportunities on a day-to-day basis.

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