Israel is constantly under fierce attack at the UN, in the media, and on the streets by Islamist terrorists. That’s why now is the time to reverse the profound damage Israel has sustained during the Obama era. You can help Israel fight back by signing the Israel petition to encourage President Trump to stand with Israel.

For more than a decade, the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET), a pro-America, pro-Israel think tank in the heart of DC, has been the voice of truth and reason for policymakers who care about Israel. Now we have an opportunity to move beyond the failed policies of Oslo and change our whole approach on the Middle East.

Sign the Israel petition now to let President Trump know that you stand with Israel. EMET needs your help to encourage him to implement policies that will strengthen Israel by showing that there is widespread support for our ally.

This petition continues our momentum to bring new policy ideas to the Trump administration. It asks President Trump to stand strong with Israel by implementing six central policies:

1.    Move the US embassy to Jerusalem
2.    Defund UN bodies like UNWRA
3.    Ramp up tough sanctions on Iran
4.    Increase defense support for Israel
5.    Prosecute Palestinian terrorists
6.    Support those fighting against radical Islam

We’ve always had an open door in Congress for our ideas on both sides of the aisle, but now we are even more optimistic since the Trump administration has shown a willingness to consider pro-Israel policies that would never have been considered under the Obama administration.

You can help us be the boots on the ground in Washington, DC to bring the truth about Israel and the Middle East to each and every lawmaker in Congress. By signing this petition and supporting EMET, you ensure that President Trump and the people around him are equipped with the truth and understand how to design the right policies that address the complex reality in the Middle East.

Support EMET and help President Trump stand with Israel: Sign this petition to send to the Trump administration to encourage him to stand strong with our ally.

After you've signed the petition, please forward it to your family and friends. The more people who join this critical effort, the stronger will be our collective voice to help President Trump strengthen Israel against our joint threats from the Middle East.

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