SureTrader Review - Inside Look On The Best Trading Platform

If you've ever wanted to trade stocks and options just like a professional broker, well, with SureTrader online stock trading, now you can.

suretrader (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
SureTrader provides all out access to advanced market technology including technical indicators, multiple charting features, quote lists and more, so investors can track the market in real time, see what major players are buying and selling, select the hottest stocks, and make instant trades and more, just like your favorite Wall Street trader! So, grab that Friday night cocktail, that Saturday morning cup of coffee or that Sunday brunch and get trading like the pros!

What is SureTrader?

SureTrader is an online broker that allows investors to trade stocks and options with 6:1 leverage and no pattern day trading rules on their account. They have the largest short-list, with over 10 000 symbols including penny stocks, along with prompt, knowledgeable, friendly trader support, making them one of the best online brokers.

How SureTrader Works

Sure Trader's advanced software program allows traders to view real time market data and more, to make instant transactions just like the professionals. Powerful trading tools provide instant access to advanced order types and multiple charting features, allowing investors to track and respond quickly to news and events regarding the market. And with pre and post market trading, investors can react immediately to market news anytime of the day, even when markets are closed!

SureTrader Benefits

With SureTrader online stock trading, investors enjoy many benefits including:
●     Low Trade Prices-investors can trade up to 1,000 shares for 4.95 each trade and commissions for options trades are just $1 more per contract.
●     6:1 Leverage-With SureTrader, investors enjoy 6-1 intra-day leverage and 2-1 overnight leverage on marginal securities of more than $3, and more.
●     Best Fill For Your Trades-investors have access to the best routing options on trades via the principal trading desk.
●     Penny Stock Shorting-SureTrader has more than 10,000 short lists including penny stocks, making them one of the best penny stock brokers online.

3 Online Trading Platforms

SureTrader's free web-based online trading platform for stocks and options trading allows investors to track and trade futures, options and equities from any device that has a web browser.

Advanced Web-Based Trading Platform for a Variety of Devices

Enjoy options trading, equity trading and futures trading anytime and any where from any device with Sure Trader's active web trading platform. Investors have instant access to Live Streaming Bloomberg News Network, Option Chains, Real-Time Level 1 Quote Data and more.

SureTrader Desktop

SureTrader Pro Level II Direct Access Software takes trading a step further with advanced features like fully integrated point and click trading, which makes it a great tool for day traders. To execute a stock, simply point and click on any stock anywhere on the screen to load.

With SureTrader Pro investors enjoy a number of exciting features including:
●     Montage Trade Window
The montage trade window's easy to follow screens let's investors quickly see how ECN's and Market Makers line up. Investors can view imbalances on both the bid and ask sides and track whether major players are buying or selling.
●     Charts

Charts are great for investors who want to get the best sell/buy price for their long term trading strategy. With SureTrader Pro, investors have access to an abundance of charts and timing indicators to keep track of the market at all times. Select from price charts, real-time daily charts, intra day charts, Candlestick, and more. Investors also have access to advanced market analysis features such as drawing tools, trend line studies, and technical indicators for those who like to make quick moves.
●     Market View
The Quote List is an exciting tool that provides an immediate glance of where the assets you are following are at any point in time, and investors receive alerts when your desired volume or price are met. Quote List also provides 10 data points, which includes Bid/Ask, High/Low, Last Trade, and more for easy tracking.
●     Top List
With Top List, investors can see the hottest stocks with just a glance at the screen. Top List provides an easy to read window that includes 20 columns where investors can see which stocks, such as Nasdaq, have posted the lowest or highest price gains so far for the day.
●     Orders Trades and Trades Log
Track and control your trades, buying power, open orders, account balance, positions, realized/unrealized profits and loss in real time, using SureTrader Pro's orders trades and trade log.
●     Real Time News
Real Time News provides breaking news on earning reports, FDA Approval/disapproval, Mergers/Acquisitions, Alliances/Partnerships/Major Product Releases, Major Contract losses/wins, Restructuring/Management Changes/Layoffs, Stock Splits/debt offering/Buybacks, and more to assist with .
SureTrader Mobile
SureTrader is a free, responsive web based mobile trading platform that allows Smartphone users to view their account status, place trades and get quotes; and there's an iSure Trader app available for Apple iPhone.

Trading Fees

There are various fees associated with SureTrader accounts including trade fees, account fees and more. For a full list of applicable fees see SureTrader Trading Fees.

SureTrader Partnerships

Have you fallen in love with SureTrader's online stock trading and just can't wait to share it with family, friends or other traders? Why not do so for cash? With SureTrader Partnership program investors and businesses have the opportunity to earn compensation for their referrals. Choose from Program Affiliate, Direct Affiliate, Introducing Broker or Broker Dealer for your chance to earn big today!
About SureTrader
SureTrader is commissioned by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. They are a Bahamas based dealer/broker and division of Swiss America Securities, LTD. SureTrader's expertise includes managing securities, arranging deals, dealing n securities as principal agent, advising on securities and financial and corporate service provider, and more.

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