Lone soldiers are young men and women who immigrated to Israel alone to Lone Soldiervolunteer and serve in the IDF, while their parents, brothers and sisters remain in their country of origin. Another type of lone soldier consists of Israeli individuals whose family ties have been severed. While the State of Israel does offer some measure of support, it does not replace what these young men and women have lost.

Lone soldiers may serve in a variety of units, whether they are small combat units or larger support units, similar to any other soldier. Even so, unlike other soldiers, they have to deal with unique problems. Lone soldiers on leave from the IDF do not have parents waiting for them. The Lone soldier does not have a permanent home where he can stay. He does not have a mother to cook him food he loves and his father does not iron his uniform. Even daily telephone contact, a basic need, which soldiers in the IDF have with their families – is many times beyond the means of the lone soldier who cannot afford to make international calls. This loneliness creates an unbearable and heavy burden and as a result, quite a few soldiers end up forgoing their vacations and opt to stay on base, allowing their friends go to their homes, families, and friends instead. These times of rest are very important to a soldier who spends his entire week, or even month in the service of his country. It is a very well earned and necessary time which the lone soldier misses out on too often.

To date there are over five thousand lone soldiers in the IDF and the task of dealing with these problems has not been prioritized appropriately. Regrettably, for this reason there are only temporary, makeshift responses and no permanent solutions.

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What is the Organization for the Lone Soldier?

The Organization for the Lone Soldier is a non-profit organization established specifically to assist and support lone soldiers and their individual needs at all the necessary levels, from the early stages of initial recruitment, throughout their military service. We have already given away more than 4,000 gift baskets during the Chanukah and Purim holidays as well as warm clothes and accessories for the winter

This Tu'Bishvat Holiday, the Organization for the Lone Soldier will has organized a drive for Gift Baskets of dried fruit to be sent to the Soldiers to give them a taste of home.  In addition to the Gift Basket, they will also plant a tree in the donors name in the fire ravaged region of the Carmel Forest.

Click here to donate YOUR gift Basket to the Lone Soldier.
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