After making $10 million at his kitchen table, he’s sharing a “backdoor” way for you to invest in the best ideas from the venture capital world… no matter what your wealth and without touching Silicon Valley. The potential is huge.

⦿He once found a “backdoor” alternative to a Chinese startup through the U.S. stock market… which shot up as high as 1,164%.
⦿And a “backdoor” tech play that’s gone up as much as 327%.
⦿If you haven’t heard, multimillionaire entrepreneur James Altucher has released a new research service, with an approach he calls “top 1% trading.” He first developed it while running a $33 million hedge fund and a $125 million venture capital firm. A new research service that’s generating a lot of buzz right now.
⦿In fact, this approach has landed him in the pages of Forbes… the Wall Street Journal… and USA Today.altucher-sitting-sidebar1.png

His name is James Altucher

And today is the last time I can send you his first-ever offer: A chance to claim a full year of access to an investing approach he’s spent 20 years developing… which has helped him make extraordinary 1,000+% gains.

Keep in mind: James is the bestselling author of 15 books, one of which USA Today calls “one of the 12 best business books of all time.”

But the interesting thing is – he’s never shared his approach in any of his articles for The Wall Street Journal… Yahoo Finance… or the Financial Times.

That’s why today is so important…

For the first time, James has agreed to share the full details of how his approach works… including how you could use it yourself to make $1,000s a month.

No matter what happens next to stocks – James’s approach could have a huge impact on your wealth in the months to come… which is why he’s agreed to make you this first-ever special offer… so you can see exactly how his “top 1% trading” strategy works.

Just remember: So we urge you to get in today, if you’re interested...

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