Where To Buy A Hoverboard? Best Two Wheeled Hoverboard Reviews

This electric balancing scooter is probably the coolest gadget of this year. No more we are to just walk, now we can roll everywhere with style.

self balancing scooter (photo credit: PR)
self balancing scooter
(photo credit: PR)
You just get on, lean and go, really simple. It takes a quick getting use to and you can zoom away to almost everywhere, of course it has to have pavement. They are definitely not for the off-road. 
Still some risk is involved, you could fall if not careful (or possibly catch fire. We’ll tell you how to avoid that later).

“Feels like hovering” – sort of..

Hopefully sometime we’ll have hover boards actually hovering the ground below us. But, until then zooming around on those mini Segway’s still looks cool and is a fun way to get around.
First trended throughout celebrity’s social media, with them riding it (and crashing).
This fun little transporter isn’t just for the lucky few now, demand for hoverboards with wheels boosted production and manufacturing so now anyone can get one for affordable prices.
The Hover boards use similar technology to that of the old Segway,  sensors to keep you balanced, motors to get you going and a battery to make it get to around 10 mph, mostly limited for safety.

Which hover board to buy and what to avoid?

So if you’re looking to buy a hover board that will serve its purpose justly, you should consider purchasing one that isn’t some unknown Chinese brand. Yes, just like: well, everything - The Chinese have got their low cost copy here as well.

Problem is those imitations are just poorly done and it easily shows with performance, battery, reliability and quality. So don’t tempt to go for those cheap $200 hover boards, it could be the last mistake you’ll ever make. (See why - here)  
Safety of battery’s especially when left alone charging is still questionable when it comes to unknown manufacturers.
The best rated self-balancing scooters are brand named manufacturers with customer service, they guarantee quality production, testing and warranty – You want all of those when buying a tech gadget you’re going to ride around the neighborhood and charge in your house daily.

Here are the top 5 Hoverboards to buy:

Self-Balancing Stability Saw Hoverboard: High Quality Electric Scooter with 10 inch tires by Streetsaw
Are you planning to give something unique and special to your loved ones? Or you want to buy something new for you?  Why not try the Stability Saw Hoverboard by Streetsaw?

Here you will find a brief review of the commonly asked question about this hot product such as:
·       Is it easy to use?
·       Is it of high quality?
·       Will it be of use to you or to somebody else?
·       Do people have good experience with this product?
·       What are the good and bad stuff about this product?
·       Most importantly, is this product worth your money?

The Self-Balancing Stability saw is very easy to use.  It has self-balancing features that allows you to use it even in unfriendly roads with lots of humps and bumps.  You can ride it even if there are a lot of pebbles on the road.
It has a built-in energy dual lights that uses LED diode technology and emits 6.5 feet of light in both directions to allow you clear visibility of the area even at night time.  The bright blue LED light provides maximum visibility so you can clearly see the road.
A lot of people have been using it because of its safety features.  The safety lights allow other pedestrians, bicycles and motorist to see you in a distance. The product is worth your money because it utilizes a premium Samsung battery that allows the unit to last for more than 37% of battery life compared with other brands.
It also features high quality tires that allow you to use it in the roughest of terrains. In fact, it is the largest hoverboard in town so it can carry a maximum of 220 pounds of weight!
If you want to take advantage of this durable product, click the buy button bellow.

Future Saw Hoverboard: A Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with Bluetooth and 6.5 inch tires by StreetSaw

If you want to give something special for you or for your love one, try the latest and hottest hoverboard in 2016! This product comes with high quality frame chassis and UV case which is made from magnesium aviation alloy.  This metal is known for its ability to withstand heavy amount of weight.
This is a top quality product that uses the same motor technology used by Tesla Motors in running their electric cars! What can be better than that?
Future Saw Hoverboard is definitely a best-buy product because it features:
·         Dual Front-Facing LED lights that uses the newest LED Diode technology.  This specific LED lights are designed for ease of use but also it comes with safety features.  It provides 6.5 feet of light range so you can be seen from afar by any motorist, pedestrians and bicycles.
·         It has an efficient Samsung battery that can last up to 5 to 6 hours before you need to recharge. More so, there is no any reported case of any battery malfunction that causes blow-up or fires.
·         It features a 6.5 inch standard tires that is made of high quality material.  This makes the product light weight with a little less than 30 pounds so you can easily bring it anywhere you like. It also comes with an optional Hoverboard carrying bag for easy mobility.
·         This product is also durable and efficient because it can carry as much as 265 pounds!
This product is surely a top buy! You can never go wrong with this product!
Why DailySaw Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter (6.5 inch) by Street Saw is a Hot Selling Brand?
The Daily Saw Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter is one of the top-selling brands in the market today! This product comes with an easy-to-use and go-to features that everybody is talking about.
The best thing about this product is that it uses a brushless motor technology adapted from the electric cars offered by Tesla Motors. It also utilizes an LED diode technology that allows you to see any obstacles along the road.  It also comes with safety features because it lets bicycles, pedestrians and motorist to see you from a distance.
You will also save a lot of energy because on the average this product battery life can last up to 5 to 6 hours.  It doesn’t have any unnecessary power consuming features like Bluetooth and overpowered motor.  The best thing about this hoverboard is that it utilizes an LG/Samsung battery so you know it is made from a high quality brand.
It also features a 6.5 inch tires so it is very light weight.  You can even carry it on a daily transportation because it is less than 25 pounds. You may opt to have a carrying bag which allows you to bring it with ease and comfort.
Probably, one of the best features of this product is that it comes with optional protective bumpers that allow you to use it in the roughest of terrain.  It is also protective in your tires which lengthens its shelf life.
Basically, this product is fit for everybody. Its excellent features are a good reason for you to try it out.
AlienSaw Bluetooth Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter (8-Inch) by Street Saw
Are you looking for a smart and edgy hoverboard?  Do you know that you can instantly connect with your smartphone and send your favorite music via Bluetooth to your Hoverboard?  This is one of the best ways to enjoy your hoverboard experience – playing your favorite music while enjoying the ride!
The AlienSaw Bluetooth Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter also utilizes a remote control features that allows you to use it as boombox if you’re not riding it. Cool isn’t it?
This product is powered by brushless motor technology adapted from Tesla Motors.  So you know it is of high quality.  It has the ability to move faster than 10 mph with a built in speed warning indicator that automatically beeps when you are running 12 mph.
It also features Flashing LED lights that add to its trendy and edgy features.  Plus it also acts as safety factors allowing other riders and pedestrians to see you from a distance. It also comes with variety of colors to choose from including the LED lights.
The AlienSaw Hoverboard is one of the coolest products on earth! Grab one now and enjoy its amazing features!
FutureSaw Hoverboard (The Pro Edition): A Self-Balancing Electric Scooter plus Bluetooth (8 inch) by StreetSaw
If your looking for a thicker, wider, and bigger version of Hoverboard, you landed into the right product.  This is the bragging features of the FutureSaw Pro Edition Hoverboard.  With an 8 inches off the ground features – this product added 1.5 inch more from the height of the Future Saw.
This is best for people who pay much importance on height matters! So what is the benefit of having a taller hoverboard?  It means having better ability to climb steeper incines.  It also allows you to run faster and withstands the heaviest of weight.
The monstrous feature of this hoverboard also features:
·    Advanced German engineered motors that uses brushless motor technology adapted from Tesla Motors
·        Aluminum Frame Chassis that allows it to withstand a heavy weight
·        High Quality UV coated casing
·        Latest LED lighting
·        5 to 6 hours solid Battery life
·        23% more profile tire that stands at a height of 8 inches more of the Future Saw
·        Carries a maximum weight of 265 pounds
If you want a best buy hoverboard, the Future Saw Hoverboard Pro Edition should be on your top list!   It is made of high quality materials that is worth every dollar you pay for. 

Know what you’re buying.

Searching different brands reveals exactly how many manufacturers are trying to get into making self-balancing scooters. It benefited to an immediate price drop but also to a large quantity of new manufacturers, mostly sticker brands (made up names, same exact product) making low quality product that has no backing or warranty. We highly recommend you stay away from those.
Obviously all the hoverboards are manufactured in china, but that doesn’t make them all the same. The named and registered company that made and tested the product is the one you want.

hoverboard ordered from a known Chinese website catches fire in the streets

Now and the future.

Could it be we got to a point where simply walking places just doesn’t cut it anymore? Are we going to see those hover boards everywhere?  Good chance the answers are yes. But only until we invent low cost jet packs, obviously.

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