Thank you for your generous assistance for the three orphaned sisters who lost their mother in a terror attack and their father in a fire shortly after. Please read the following story of a family who fell victim to terror. Ofer Eliyahu lived with his wife Tzofia , son Ya'akov Avaraham and daughter Shira Eliyahu, in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Yisrael. On March 2, 2002, after the Sabbath, his wife Tzofia, son, and little daughter, went to listen to Havdalah (post-Sabbath prayer). Ofer's wife was talking to a woman outside the building. She raised her son and held him in her arms. Meanwhile, Shira Eliyahu, went to her cousin's carriage, and lay down on the baby. Then the explosion happened. A terrorist amongst the women and baby carriages detonated a bomb which shook the entire neighborhood. Ten people were killed and over 50 were injured, in the suicide bombing that Saturday evening in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood. Many of the people had also gathered there for a Bar-Mitzvah celebration. Tzofia Eliyahu and her son, Ya'akov Avraham Eliyahu were killed instantly. Shira Eliyahu, was miraculously saved because she was lying down flat, as the roof of the carriage was full of holes and shrapnel. About three years ago Ofer Eliyahu fell in love and got married to a lady named Ephrat. They had a daughter two years ago, Hadassah Simcha. And a year later they had a son Rephael, who was born with Down Syndrome. Caring for this boy was very hard for the parents, especially for the father who had already suffered a lot. Every day and every moment Ofer remembers the terrible sight of the bombing, which has had a great influence on his new life, affecting his livelihood. He is trying to create a new life and needs help in every possible way. In order to help Ofer, and other victims of terror live normal lives again, please join Ohr Meir and Bracha in their support of families and terror victims. You can also contact Dalya by email at for more details.

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