MINERALS - Health & Nature products from the Dead Sea Ltd launched the new and innovative line of dog shampoos - Mystic Sea. After strict requirements and a developing time of 3 years, MysticSea, gives you, the dog owner: the most advanced Natural and Healthy shampoo that exists today in the pets market. Dr. Shlomo Albagli and the Israeli clinically tested the MysticSea products. They have confirmed that the products are safe and efficient; especially they loved the fact that we are giving natural solution, and treating dogs with the same criteria as human beings. http://www.mystic-sea.net/ The unique properties are: A Healthy Natural product rich in pure aromatic oils and vitamins. Paraben Free product with no preservatives. A Hypoallergenic product based on 100% natural ingredients. Can be used for quick healing from wounds and skin disorders that are caused to the dog by blood sucking parasites- Natural Flea Prevention. Proven immediate results and a clinically tested product with veterinary approval. A shampoo with compatible PH to the dog's skin. Today most shampoos available in the market are compatible to human beings PH, which can easily cause pet's skin disorder, rashes and wounds. Visit us for more information: www.mystic-sea.net MINERALS presents since 1993, 100% natural paraben free health and beauty products, based on the purest minerals that have risen from the depths of the Earth, and are found in the Dead Sea - the deepest, densest, and most mineral-rich body of water on earth. For more information about the company products visit: www.deadseacosmetics.com We do not imitate, we innovate for you and for your dog because Your dog deserves it too! www.mystic-sea.net

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