Coronavirus spread

The Israeli innovation leading the battle against the coronavirus

Through innovation and science Israel is trying to find a way to beat COVID-19 (popularly known as “corona”).

Gamechanger face mask: Israeli speed and creativity

Here are the basic facts about face masks and ViriMASK, based on Lachman’s report and my interview.

Pastor Matt Hagee to 'Post': 'Community of faith is not about structures'

“We're broadcasting [the services] online utilizing Facebook live, Roku, Apple TV and every other form of digital communication that the world is currently engaged in,” he told the 'Post'.

Israelis stranded in India board an El Al flight to return them to Israel amid coronavirus concerns
Coronavirus: Scaring the public into obedience – analysis

Taking the public's mindset into account is a major factor involved in deciding what measures to implement, and when.

‘Mehadrin’ hotel set up for quarantined religious and ultra-Orthodox

Many of those infected with coronavirus have been placed in hotels which have been turned into quarantine centers so as not to infect their family members.

US President Donald Trump holds a news conference in Washington DC
Trump’s dilemma: Balancing a slowing economy with stopping coronavirus

He is torn between the damage that the coronavirus is causing to the economy and the fact that as of writing, over 50 thousand people in the US already tested positive for a disease with no vaccine.

At least 25% of Efrat quarantined due to coronavirus

Over the Purim holiday synagogue services and parties were held in the neighborhood. After the fact, it turned out that one of the participants, had been stricken by the coronavirus.

'1 mil. Israelis with coronavirus is conservative,' disease expert says

Infectious disease specialist says percentage of Israelis infected with coronavirus is growing.

Coronavirus: Moscow says outbreak in Russia 'much worse' than it seems

Putin has previously said the situation is under control, but some doctors have questioned how far official data reflects reality,

A quarter of coronavirus infections from synagogues, Health Ministry says

Calls have been made to chief rabbis to ban prayer in synagogues. “Closing synagogues is a real obligation for protecting public health.”

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