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Jars found at Abel-Beth-Maacah.

Was the Bible right? Inscription may confirm ancient Israel’s borders

Abel Beth-Maacah is mentioned in the Bible several times.

Mercantile Bank to handle municipal banking needs

A merger between Mercantile and Municipal Bank (formerly Dexia Bank) took place two months ago.

A view towards the dense, chaotic skyline of Gush Dan

Israel's choice- concrete canyons or a more creative design process

With the increasing population Israel must postulate whether it wants to create nothing but building in an attempt to keep up with population growth or find a more creative idea.


Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion surprises even his harshest critics

Municipal Affairs: One year since the new mayor opened the door to his office in Safra Square in downtown Jerusalem, he has begun putting into place the policies he envisioned.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion delivers on campaign promises

For all of his successes, there are also a few simmering issues of the secular-hareidi divide that he has so far cautiously kept his distance from.

HAREDIM GATHER en masse in Bnei Brak. Is their leadership’s political model sustainable?

What is the most densely populated city in Israel?

Bnei Brak is the most densely populated city in Israel.

Matanya Harow, the youngest candidate running for municipal council in the October 30 local races in

Youngest council candidate running in Efrat

Harow said that if elected, his goals would be helping second-generation Efrat residents stay in Efrat, developing the local tourism industry.


This week in Jerusalem

Peggy Cidor’s round-up of city affairs

Chart of Businesses which Received Hazardous Materials Permit, by County

Caution – dangerous materials

Industries sometimes use materials that have a negative impact on workers’ health and the environment.


Grandiose planning

Ignorance, personal ambition and ineptitude have inevitably led many mayors to support grandiose planning.

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