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Terror Israel
Soldier whose gun was used in extremist wedding celebration sent to prison

Following an investigation ordered by IDF Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen.Gadi Eisenkot, the military questioned soldiers who were present at the event.

The hilltop youth circus

These hilltop youth call themselves a “rebel group.”

Into the fray: Duma, ‘dirty dancing’ & deeply disturbing detention

To draw any equivalence between Arab, Jewish “terror” is like claiming that a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and a rubber dinghy are equivalent because they can both be classed "sailing vessels."

Duma attack
Justice Ministry rejects criticism of Duma suspects prison visit

Honeinu lawyer Adi Keidar lashed out at Nizri for his visit, accusing him of violating his clients' rights by speaking with the defendants without the presence of their counsel.

Shlomo Riskin
National-religious rabbis: Shin Bet must stop Jewish terrorism

More than 40 prominent rabbis issued a declaration on Friday condemning hatred in general and giving their backing to the work of the Shin Bet and other security services.

Duma killers will be charged soon, says defense minister

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said that “Jewish terrorists” were responsible for the arson that killed the Dawabsha family in July.

Shin Bet: Jewish extremists seek to overthrow Israel's gov't and crown a king

Intelligence agency: Claims by fanatical detainees of torture are baseless, aimed at distracting from their acts.

Illustrative: Palestinian stone-thrower
Failure to bring Duma attackers to justice could risk 'setting region on fire'

The defense minister says that the acts of 'Jewish extremist terrorists' puts the innocent residents of Judea and Samaria at risk.

Shin Bet denies Jewish terror suspect attempted suicide after torture

“One of the minors detained and tortured by the Shin Bet attempted suicide by slitting his wrists as a result of the physical and emotional pressure,” Honenu told the media.

Meir Ettinger
December 21: Torture and the truth

If Honenu’s reports are true (the Shin Bet denies them) they should be a cause for concern for a number of reasons.

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