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IRANIAN PRESIDENT Hassan Rouhani (right) and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Who wanted to pay the pri

Amid Pompeo visit, Iran says it has energy projects worth $5.5 billion

Rouhani and his oil and gas experts discussed investments in projects that total 4.7 billion euros.

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Why did Trump-Rouhani UN meeting go sideways - analysis

With the tensions between Donald Trump and Rouhani, Khamenei still remains the leader of Iran.

Rouhani prepares for role of a lifetime at UN

Rouhani has said that Iran is extending a hand of friendship.

BRITAIN’S PRIME Minister Boris Johnson – he might ignite a post-Brexit Britain prosperity and instil

After Saudi attack, Johnson proposes new negotiation on Iran deal

"How do we respond to what the Iranians plainly did?" Johnson told Sky News.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gestures as members of Iranian armed forces take part in a rally ma

WATCH: Iran unveils new ballistic missiles

The Islamic nation currently holds the region's largest arsenal of ballistic missiles.

Hassan Rouhani

In jab at hardliners, Rouhani says Iran protests were not only economic

The country’s financial support for Palestinians and the Lebanese Shi‘ite group Hezbollah also angered Iranians, who want their government to focus on domestic economic problems instead.

The second tower of the World Trade Center bursts into flames after being hit by a hijacked airplane

Iran's Zarif urges Trump to discuss avoiding another 9/11 with Saudis

Saudia Arabia denies supporting its citizens who hijacked planes on September 11, but modern critics wonder if the nation's growing extremism could lead to a repeat of the incident.

Iranian President

Analysis: With Rouhani win and US sanctions waiver, nuke deal to stay

Hassan Rouhani’s re-election means that some of the nuclear deal’s loopholes could be filled.

Iran elections

Iran counts votes after big turnout in presidential election

For Iranians, the election presents a stark choice between competing visions of the country.

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