IAA to raise B-G airport tax from $13 to $20

October 25, 2007 14:20

The Israel Airports Authority is planning to raise the airport tax at Ben-Gurion International Airport in 2008, Army Radio revealed Thursday. The plan calls to raise the per-passenger tax from $13 to at least $20. The IAA said it decided to raise the tax in order to increase the airport's security budget, allowing improvements to infrastructure and technology. Transportation Ministry director-general Gideon Siterman told Army Radio that the new, higher, airport tax would still be among the world's lowest. "[You] need to understand that we're now charging less than all the European airports. We want to improve our service. Today, the tax is $13, and it was last raised in April 1994. If [you] compare it to Heathrow [Airport] in London - there, British citizens pay about $80 [per person], and Israelis pay $120," Siterman said.

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