New York wakes to increased security

Law enforcement authorities in NY and Washington on high alert against threat of al Qaida plot to attack the US a decade after World Trade Center.

Obama and Bush walking to september 11 memorial (photo credit: REUTERS)
Obama and Bush walking to september 11 memorial
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Police were out in full force as New Yorkers began streaming into Ground Zero to attend a memorial ceremony on Sunday.
Law enforcement authorities in New York and Washington were on high alert against what was described as a "credible but unconfirmed" threat of an al Qaida plot to attack the United States again a decade after the toppling of the World Trade Center's twin towers by hijacked airliners.
Security was especially tight in Manhattan, where police set up vehicle checks on city streets as well as bridges and tunnels coming into the city. There was an unprecedented show of force in Manhattan from roadblocks on Times Square in midtown to the area around Ground Zero farther to the south.

Security in lower Manhattan included police barricades on every block near the World Trade Center site with police asking people for identification. People gathered near the site, some clutching American flags, to watch a large screen set up to show a remembrance ceremony here. Some wore T-shirts reading, "Never Forget," a slogan popular since the attacks.
President Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama joined the Bushes at Ground Zero for what will be a full day of memorials. They will also make a stop in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and will return to Washington for a ceremony at the Pentagon.