IN PICTURES: The flaming face of Israel's Gaza border on display at the U.N.

UN Photo exhibition photo (photo credit: MOSHE FILBERG)
UN Photo exhibition photo
(photo credit: MOSHE FILBERG)
The face of Israel’s burnt out south is on display at the UN in New York from August 2-10.
The exhibit, “The Effects of Arson Kites on the South of Israel,” involves nine pictures by nine Israeli photographers and was organized by Israel’s Mission to the UN.

(Moshe Filberg)(Moshe Filberg)

(Zohar Shapak)(Zohar Shapak)
(Gilad Hazon)(Gilad Hazon)
(Tomer Makiyes)(Tomer Makiyes)

(Elisheva Pinker)(Elisheva Pinker)
One photograph shows a green grass field with red flowers. Underneath is the same site burned into a black field after a flaming kite from Gaza landed on it.
(Edi Israel)(Edi Israel)
(Ben Mizrachi)(Ben Mizrachi)
Thousands of acres of fields and forests have been burnt as a result of the flaming kites and balloons Palestinians have launched at Israel’s southern border from Gaza.
The United Nations has repeatedly failed to condemn Hamas violence against Israel and has instead accused Israel of harming innocent Palestinians who are participating in the Great March of Return that began on Mach 30.
Israel has argued that the Great March of Return is a violent attack on its borders.
(Matanel Broshi)(Matanel Broshi)

(Michal Tzuria)(Michal Tzuria)