Dance of the other

With so many performances to choose from, it's a veritable smorgasbord of dance.

lazaro godoy 88 (photo credit: )
lazaro godoy 88
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There are three dance festivals in Tel Aviv where young choreographers can show their work: The Curtain Up Festival, The Shades of Dance Festival and The Other Dance Festival. Many of the big and current names in the Israeli dance scene started out by showing their work in at least one of them. The more established of the lot showcase during Curtain Up, which takes place annually in the winter. During the audition process for which, choreographers meet with members of the selection committee to receive feedback and answer questions about their work. Those interested in working with mentors over a yearlong period apply to Shades of Dance, a choreography competition. Choreographers who are just beginning to create dances or perhaps have yet to show pieces publicly take part in The Other Dance Festival, which began last night and continues through the weekend. Other Dance is an open and free forum dedicated to presenting new works by emerging artist. Twelve works are to be shown over three days at Tel Aviv's Suzanne Dellal Center. In April, a selection committee comprised of known figures in the dance community selected the final group from a large pool of emerging choreographers. Since then the selected artists have had no interference from the festival's organizers. The result is a diverse and intriguing line up. Each night of the festival showcases four new creations. Last night Liat Magnezy's trio And She Was took audiences on a journey through time retracing the fragments of a story told out of order. To make this piece, Magnezy drew on her experience in the film world, implementing editing and cutting techniques from the big screen. Blanch by Amit Zamir brought the world of Tennessee Williams to the stage. Anat Yaffe's work Base, performed by six dancers dealt with simplicity and beauty. Finally, Lazaro Godoy performed his stunning solo Lemon Juice. Godoy is a recent addition to the Israeli dance community and is, without doubt, someone to keep an eye on. His clarity of movement and truly entrancing stage presence are sure to win him the hearts of dance lovers here in the land of milk and honey. Tonight's quartet of works promises to be equally eclectic. Gyula Csakvari, the only artist invited to show two pieces this year, will show Amarilli, performed by Gucci Lau and Gavriel Goler. This piece creates a world of images and ideas by incorporating a large prop. Yarn strung on a wooden frame evokes a sense of nostalgia, intensified by the use of old and new music. Neta Rotenberg will perform alongside Alon Shtoyer in her duet In Return, which depicts two people coming to terms with an irretrievable past. Choreographic trio Mira Rubenstein, Elan Maman and Yigal Moshinsky will unveil their collaborative creation Tsumi. Finally, Eyal Muntaneau, who comes to dance from a background in circus, will show Limits with Ronit Hadar. Saturday night brings us the final four pieces of this year's Other Dance Festival. Tsama by Michal Hirsch reveals to us the conflict and symbiosis of dancer and musician on stage. In Fyodor Makarov's Agadot five characters playfully recount a well-known tale without words. Mysterious choreographer Yuval Shacham refuses to give away too many secrets about his piece. Finally, Gyula Csarkvari will perform a solo to the music of Bartok, which was premiered in Tokyo in 2007. There is no doubt that The Other Dance Festival, as the name implies, will be a delightfully unusual dance experience. The Other Dance Festival runs till August 30 at Tel Aviv's Suzanne Dellal Center, (03) 510-5656 or