Entertaining for their lives

In The Court Jesters, four inmates are picked by an Auschwitz commander to entertain the officers.

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psik theater 88.298
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Saturday night's performance of The Court Jesters is dedicated to the memory of Avigdor Dagan, author of the novel on which the Psik Theater production is based. Dagan passed away last month at the age of 94. A long-time member of the Israel foreign service, as well as a prolific author, he was born in Czechoslavakia and even served in its pre-war Parliament. He escaped to London at the outbreak of World War II, returning with Jan Masaryk to Prague at its conclusion. He immigrated to Israel in 1948. Though he himself was not in continental Europe during the war, he lost all 11 of his brothers and sisters and their children in the Holocaust, and his wife lost all her family as well. In The Court Jesters, four inmates - an astrologer, a judge, a juggler and a dwarf - are picked by an Auschwitz commander to entertain the officers. The drama depicts the day-to-day life in the camps, and the dependency that links the four, who must succeed in their performances to survive. It also follows their post-war lives in Jerusalem and Argentina. The Saturday night performance will feature English surtitles in honor of the Czech delegation that will be attending. A photo exhibition on Dagan's life will be displayed at the Beit Shmuel venue, and a short presentation will precede the play. The evening begins at 9:30 p.m.