Eyes wide shut

Exposed to the Light 2 features the works of seven blind photographers.

camera 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
camera 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A new exhibition is opening at Jaffa's Please Touch Museum, Exposed to the Light 2. It features the works of seven blind photographers, who have all been studying the past two years at the center for the blind in Herzliya with photographers Kfir Sivan and Iris Darel Shenar. I expect the project to be as moving as I might imagine, so I'll forgo the cynicism as best I can. As absurd as it first sounds, blind photography makes perfect sense. Each and every one of us tries to capture a feeling when taking a photograph. From an evening of hard-core drinking with friends to your child enjoying another hot dog at the office barbeque - we're looking to capture and then convey an emotion. We stare at a sunset and wait for the right moment to put the camera close to our eye, press the button and capture it forever. For the blind photographer the impulse is different. Instead of staring at a scene, they absorb the atmosphere, letting it sink in. Then…snap! Furthermore, for the blind photographer, a picture is more than a fragment of a memory but also a channel of communication with the sighted majority. But, when it comes down to it, just the idea of an exhibition featuring blind photographers should be incentive enough to go see it - if for no other reason than the potential for new perspective to be gained. In short: blind photographers, go see their work. Exposed to the Light 2 opened at the Please Touch Museum in Jaffa on July 16 and runs through August 20. For more information call (03) 633 -0808 or visit www.theblindphotographer.com.