Ori Levi granted key to Tel Aviv

Levi was granted the honor for his 55 years in the service of Israeli theater.

Tomorrow, on Independence Day, former Gesher general manager Ori Levi will get a key to the city of Tel Aviv for his 55 years in the service of Israeli theater. Levi, 76, was born in Tel Aviv and grew up in Petah Tikva. He had what was a typical childhood for his time - he was involved in a youth movement, the War of Independence, and a kibbutz. But by 1952, the young man was a leading man at the now defunct Ohel Theater. From there he was plucked in 1955 for the young Cameri Theater by the legendary director Yosef Millo. Levi was a member of the company for 41 years, and expanded his talents from the stage to administration, becoming the Cameri's administrative manager in 1990 while continuing to take leading roles on stage and screen both here and abroad. In 1995, Gesher, a fledgling immigrant theater company, badly needed a plugged-in, locally savvy general manager - not only to survive, but to grow and flourish. Ori Levi took on the challenge and led Gesher for 12 years until his retirement in 2007. The ceremony will take place on the main-stage of the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center.