Snowing the Rishon Spring Festival

Snowglobes are the inspiration for the newest dance fantasy by the Inbal Pinto Dance Company.

snow globe 88 (photo credit: )
snow globe 88
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Ever wondered what life would be like inside a snowglobe? Or what it might be like for the characters in the frosty scene to encounter people on the outside? Snowglobes are the inspiration for the newest dance fantasy by the Inbal Pinto Dance Company. Entitled Shaker, the piece premieres this Thursday at the Seventh Annual International Spring Festival in Rishon Lezion. From March 30 until April 8, the stage in Rishon Lezion will be shared by musicians and dancers from five continents. Drummers from Korea, a Russian cossack choir, a Gypsy parade from Budapest, a dance troupe from Moldova, and an eight-piece band from Ghana are only some of the attractions. This seventh annual celebration of global culture will feature 130 artists from 10 countries performing alongside scores of up-and-coming as well as veteran Israeli artists. Inbal Pinto and her partner Avshalom Pollack, part of a new generation of Israeli choreographers, are hoping for another success. Partners in life as well as in dance, they are known for an ability to weave fantasy, drama and comedy into their productions. Oyster, the show which introduced the duo, was praised for its theatrical feel, achieved by the innovative use of both dancers and actors. Their next show, Boobies, validated the couple as some of the best home-grown choreographers around. Their other shows, Atuf (Covered) and What Good Would the Moon Be, were admired for their quirky yet playful treatment of the little things in life. In an effort not to force a particular interpretation on the audience, the shows are usually light and fun, allowing each viewer to experience something different. Pinto and Pollack create the shows from start to finish. From music to set design, costumes to make-up, they do it all. Winners of awards in Israel and abroad, their company has performed all over Europe, North America and Asia - including an encore visit to Japan, when their Tokyo performances were televised on one of the country's largest networks. Thursday, 8:30 p.m., Heichal Hatarbut, Rishon Lezion, Rehov Jabotinsky 16. Call (03) 948-8688/2270 for tickets to this and other festival events, as well as for a full festival program. Tickets range in price between NIS 40 and 170.