Dining Review: Dairy innovations

Around the country, kosher and non-kosher restaurants alike are celebrating Shavuot with special menus.

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Around the country, kosher and non-kosher restaurants alike are celebrating Shavuot with special menus. The following list offers a sample. Among the kosher restaurants, Pacific at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Tel Aviv, under its new chef Tomer Batito, is serving many fish dishes in white wine sauce and cream. As a main course, try fillet of Denis on a bed of creamed eggplant and peppers, or salmon steak on a bed of ratatouille with ginger and tofu with olives (NIS 55-87). Desserts include tropical fruit minestrone with coconut sorbet; vanilla and coconut creme brul e with caramel and ginger topping (NIS 35); tel. (03) 520-1169. Chef Guy Peretz of the Gazpacho at the Holiday Inn hotel in Ashkelon, a kosher restaurant renowned for its fish, has named his Norwegian salmon fillet creation "East and West." The teriyaki- and ginger-marinated salmon is seared on the grill and served with a creamed pur e of seasonal root vegetables (NIS 47). For dessert there is strawberry champagne sorbet with sambuca liqueur (NIS 24); tel. (08) 674-8886. Non-kosher NG in Neve Zedek has two Shavuot dessert specials: a platter of Israeli boutique cheeses accompanied by a confit of pear in wine and garlic (NIS 48), and a ricotta cheese pie with pine nuts (NIS 28). Another special is roasted eggplant accompanied by goat cheese, fresh tomato, cilantro pesto and mint sauce (NIS 37); tel. (03) 516-7888. Shrimp and Calami Bar Kazanki in Herzlyia Pituach and Tel Aviv is serving New Zealand mussels with a wine and Parmesan cheese crumb topping (NIS 35); crabs in cheese sauce (NIS 69); shrimp in white wine and garlic sauce (NIS 35); and shrimp in coconut milk (NIS 35); tel. (03) 561-0630 and (09) 958-6688. Seatara at the Sea and Sun complex is specializing in cheese dishes this holiday. You can start your meal with a mushroom and vegetable stew in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and goat cheese patties (NIS 44). Main courses include goat cheese ravioli in a cream and Parmesan sauce (NIS 69); sea fish tartare on an eggplant carpaccio with cheese and yoghurt (NIS 65); desserts of course include the traditional cheesecake and many other delights. Non kosher; tel. (03) 699-6633. Eight kilometers south of Castina junction, on Moshav Segula, in the heart of a nursery, you can enjoy a Shavuot meal among the flowers, plants and trees. In addition to the regular menu, chef Sachar Rafael has prepared special holiday fish and cheese dishes. Among these are a cheese-and-vegetable napoleon in pesto sauce (NIS 28); salmon vegetable and mozzarella stuffed eggplant with Mediterranean sauce (NIS 32); trout on cheese-filled vine leaves with saffron and cream sauce (NIS 83); and cheese lasagne with Mediterranean-style mushroom sauce (NIS 58). Desserts include triple mascarpone cream with fresh fruit (NIS 31) and cheese-and-passion-fruit pie (NIS 32). Not kosher; tel. (08) 850-5859. See Page 12 for more Shavuot specials at Tel Aviv bars and restaurants.