Dining Review: Industrial zone heaven

Barcarola bistro-bar: Offers one of the richest menus in the Sharon area.

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On a recent trip to the north, we happened upon a innovative and high-quality restaurant in Kfar Saba. Barcarola bistro-bar, which is just a stone's throw from Highway #6, offers one of the richest menus in the Sharon area. Barcarola is situated among the hi-tech buildings of Kfar Saba's new industrial zone, and you might not expect to find an such a creative and diverse menu in such an odd location. Don't be mislead by the name either. The title Barcarola - derived from a Italian boating song sung by Venetian gondoliers (spelled Barcarolle) - gives a misleading impression about this unique restaurant. While the name may sound like your average Italian eatery, Barcarola actually features Mediterranean- and French-influenced dishes. Barcarola wraps its patrons in a convivial atmosphere and an inspired scene. To add a bit of extra flavor to the place, live jazz sessions take place in the spacious dining room. A feeling of privacy and seclusion is created as the tables are well spaced. The non-invasive and helpful staff help create a relaxed, yet well run establishment. The waiting staff themselves were friendly and charming, responsive to our every wish. Executive chef Noam Dekers has an impressive knack for bringing a refined combination of tastes to his dishes and to the menu as a whole. We tried the business lunch where for NIS 70 you get a light and flavorful starter, as well as a hefty main course. I chose a glass of Belgian ale from the extensive beer and wine menu, and turned my attention to the main menu. Apart from the usual selection of starters, main courses and desserts there were a number of daily selections prepared by the chefs. We began our meal with a lovely starter. Any skilled chef can sear calamari, but how about drizzling them with a hot vinaigrette sauce of lemon, peppers and green zucchini? The dish and palette are both refreshed by the hint of lemon, a flavor that puts the dish over the top. Our other starter, the onion tart, proved to be a tangy surprise as well. A sharp taste of goat cheese beautifully contrasted the onion's sweetness, while a touch of fresh tomatoes gave the dish and eloquent balance. The presentations are attractive without being too fancy. Every dish has its own carefully chosen vegetable accompaniments that both match and enhance: no boring broccoli florets or plain baby corn here. I was informed by the staff that the fish at Barcarola was a strong suit. Wanting to see for myself, I selected the catch of the day. This particular day the special dish was grilled sea bream served with a gorgeous salad of hot bulgur, dill and touch of lemon. They did not disappoint on their claim, as I found the dish to be exquisite. The other main course we ordered was also delightful. A tender grilled sirloin with potatoes, dressed in a thick concoction of red wine sauce and veal broth. After completing the main course, the waiters presented us with the dessert menu (an extra NIS 18 to the business lunch). By that time, we had little room left for anything else. Eventually we settled on the sorbet. The treat was a little on the sweet side with a rather watery texture, the only thing we ate that wasn't outstanding. Many of the other desserts we observed across the room however, did look very tasty. We decided that the only solution is to return just to eat everything on the dessert menu. Barcarola Bistro bar, 13 Atir Yeda, Kfar Saba (in the new industrial zone). Open daily 8 a.m. until the last guests leave. Tel: (09) 766-9606 (not kosher)