Artists get non-professional

The public is invited to Jaffa to experience the musical talent - or not - of Israeli artists.

Creative people might have a reputation for being wild and knowing how to party, but what happens when visual artists are put on stage and given a microphone? After a year of planning, tomorrow night the public is invited to Jaffa to experience the musical talent - or not - of Israeli artists.
Click for upcoming events calendar! Painter and event organizer Yossi Krispel has dubbed the evening "Art Karaoke" because he loves the merging of "high and low" he sees in having professional artists - some of whom have works in the top galleries of Tel Aviv - display their singing skills. Krispel realized that many artists have a strong desire to sing, and a surprising number have their own bands, compose songs and play instruments. In fact, Art Karaoke is not "real" karaoke, as since most singers will be accompanied by live music. Most artists are on the younger side, with some notable exceptions such as Ido Bar El, director of Bezalel's Fine Art department. The music will range from Hebrew folk songs and Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat" to karaoke-esque songs like "On My Own" and songs composed by the artists. According to Krispel, it's interesting to see who from the art world responded to the invitation, and which songs they chose. The venue is purposefully an empty old "non-space" - not a gallery or a performance hall - even though two established Tel Aviv galleries, Gordon and Rosenfeld, loved the idea and are providing dried fruit in honor of Tu B'Shvat. Since these are visual artists, Art Karaoke will be documented on film and in photographs. Art Karaoke will be held Saturday night, February 3, at 7 p.m. at Rehov Yehuda Marguza 36, Jaffa. Free.