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Ehud Manor would have been a grandfather.

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IN THE family of prolific song writer Ehud Manor who died suddenly earlier this year, they will once again be using the name 'Ehud' in the present tense. Libi Reuveni, the second of the three children of Manor and his wife, singer Ofra Fuchs, has given birth to a son. She and her husband Dror have decided to call him Ehud. The Brit is scheduled for today, Sunday. ACTRESS, MODEL and television presenter Sigal Shachmoun was involved in a live drama last week when she accidentally locked her 10-month old son in her jeep. According to a Yediot Aharonot report, She had placed the infant in his carry-cot on the back seat, but when she turned around to climb into the driver's seat, she discovered that the door was locked and that the keys were inside. Panic did not set in immediately. Shachmoun ran to the lobby of her apartment complex and got a hammer, with which she intended to break the window of her vehicle. But the heavy glass window was so strong that it resisted all her attempts, and all she succeeded in doing was frightening her usually complacent baby who began screaming hysterically. Neighbors tried to help, but to no avail, and someone summoned the police. Meanwhile, one neighbor, noticing that the side window of the jeep was open, brought out his own very slightly built son whom he squeezed through the gap. The little boy succeeded in opening the door from the inside. NOT EVERY passenger who boards an El Al plane for New York is given a champagne toast by the crew. But then not every passenger happens to be singer Ninette Taib, one of several entertainers who rose to fame via A Star is Born. Taib and her steady beau Ran Danker decided to celebrate her birthday in the Big Apple. Someone had tipped off the crew, who in mid flight brought out the champagne and chocolates and shouted "Surprise!" Taib also got to visit the captain in his cockpit - by invitation of course. - Yediot Aharonot THE ARMY often makes concessions for celebrities in the course of their compulsory service. Not so for actress, singer and fashion model Agam Rodberg, who was chosen to play the lead role in the movie Queen of the Class. Shooting was due to begin this week, but Rodberg could not get a release from the IDF - so the shoot has been postponed till March. AFTER KEEPING a low profile during her out-of-wedlock pregnancy that resulted in the birth of a son sired by businessman and philanthropist Roni Douek, whose messy divorce was fodder for the gossip columnists, Yael Abecassis 37, one of the stars of the new prize winning movie Live and Become is back in the public eye. Though she seldom appears professionally with her mother chanteuse Raymonde Abecassis, the two appear together in Live and Become as what else - mother and daughter. TODAY MARKS the end of Telad's 12-year sharing of the Channel Two screen with Reshet and Keshet. Now, instead of three franchisees, there are two. Telad went out with a star bright bang with two all-star on-screen farewell parties over the weekend. On the pre-party promo, Gidi Gov, speaking in thickly accented English, borrowed the famous "Tomorrow is another day" line from Gone with the Wind, adding the sad rider: "not for us".