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To promote its Skinny Jeans collection, Castro secured the services of Brazilian super model Herika Fernanda, who is represented by the Ford Model Agency.

herika fernanda 88 298 (photo credit: )
herika fernanda 88 298
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ALTHOUGH IT was hardly surprising when local singing stars Yevgeni Shapovalov, Felix Livshitz, and Vladislav Goray decided to emulate the three tenors Jos Carreras, Pl cido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti, it was a little more surprising to discover the three mayors have joined forces to sing around the country. Shuki Forer, the mayor of Rehovot was a member of an army entertainment troupe, but when he discovered that Eliezer Hasdai, the mayor of Alfei Menashe and Itzik Rochberger, the mayor of Ramat Hasharon also have good singing voices, he persuaded them to tour with him and sing in different venues at a variety of events. It may even happen in the Knesset. Housing and Construction Minister Meir Sheetrit, a former mayor of Yavne, also sings and plays the guitar, and doubtless there are several other MKs, who can also acquit themselves well in this respect. IT MAY have been sheer coincidence, but two of the country's most headline grabbing lawyers vied with each other out of court on Friday, when they appeared at separate events. Kinneret Barashi, who is representing the woman allegedly sexually assaulted by President Moshe Katsav, was a panelist at an open day series of events at her alma mater, the Netanya Academic College. Meanwhile, Zion Amir, who is representing Katsav in the case, was one of the star attractions at a Katedra-organized debate at Air Force House, Herzliya, where discussion focused on national leaders who have been tried both in court and by the media. THE RATINGS for Uri Geller's show The Heir, with its mix of drama, fantasy and demonstrations of psychic talents, were sufficiently high to prompt Geller to look into the possibility of a similar show in England where Geller has his home. Meanwhile Geller's Israeli successor Lior Suchard and the other finalists are putting together a show with which they hope to conquer Las Vegas. If they get bookings in Las Vegas, and the show proves to be a hit, it will pave the way for a world tour. ON THE subject of Las Vegas, casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, who has long been angling to open a casino in Israel, proves that good things can come from gambling. In recent months Adelson and his Israeli-born wife Miriam have given $25 million to Yad Vashem and $30 million to birthright, in addition to large scale contributions to other institutions and organizations. To promote its Skinny Jeans collection, Castro secured the services of Brazilian super model Herika Fernanda, who is represented by the famous Ford Model Agency and who has modeled for Elle and other fashion glossies. Until recently, the super slim Fernanda, who is an American size six, had an Israeli boyfriend who lives in London where he works as film director and photographer. To wear skinny jeans, one really has to be skinny to get into them, let alone do them up and be able to sit down in them. Castro obviously does not believe in the new trend overtaking the European and American fashion industries which have decreed that anorexic looking models are out, and healthier looking girls are in. Then again, Castro which has been in the fashion business for close to 60 years, knows how often fashion pundits have proclaimed the demise of the mini. And just as the mini is here to stay, so too are skinny models and plenty of skinny women who want to emulate them. YET ANOTHER Israeli has gone to Hollywood. Actor and model Michael Lewis will have one of the key roles in a new 9/11 based movie, which will focus on the lives of four young New York couples in the aftermath of the tragedy. Before filming begins, Lewis will pose for several fashion shoots in New York.