The stork seems to have been busy among celebrities including former beauty queen and model Tal Levantal who brought home a new baby, her first-born son.

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tal levental 88 298
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AMONG THE scores of congratulatory phone calls that President-elect Shimon Peres received on Wednesday was one from Greek singer Gliceria. The two have known each other for a long time, and Gliceria has promised to come to Israel to sing at his inauguration. After hearing about his win, the famous singer called her Israeli agent and asked him to send Peres a huge bouquet of flowers in her name. THE RUMORS have been floating around for a while that frenetic showbiz personality Zvika Hadar and his live-in companion Liat Ganon are about to make their way under the bridal canopy. The couple denied such plans, but according to reports they are less resolute in their denials than they were in the past. This has led to speculation that they might just institutionalize their two year plus relationship. WHILE SOME marriages are in the making, others are in the breaking. Walla reports that Keren Neubach, the news and current affairs anchor at Channel One, is in the process of splitting up with her author/journalist husband Doron Brosh after 12 years of marriage and two children. If the story is true, it will be interesting to see if Neubach goes back to being her true self. Like former colleague MK Shelly Yacimovich, and rival and former colleague Rina Mazliach, Neubach used to have a mane of curly hair. All three of them went straight. THE STORK seems to have been busy among celebrities. After numerous denials that she was pregnant, actress, singer and model Yael Bar Zohar has admitted that she and her husband Guy Zuaretz are expecting their first born son around October. Meanwhile, actress and television anchor Efrat Reiten and her husband Gil have become the parents of a daughter whom they've called Abigail. The infant, a sister to three-year-old Omri, was born by caesarean section at Ichilov. Former beauty queen and model Tal Levantal also brought home a new baby, her first-born son. AFTER YEARS of composing songs in Hebrew, Belarus-born singer, musician and composer Arkady Duchin, is returning to his roots and putting out his first CD in Russian. He is also presenting a new show on Russian language Channel 9 that flaunts his cooking skills. Duchin's gastronomic show on is called Our Pot, or in Hebrew HaSir Shelanu, a word play on Hashir Shelanu (Our Song). WHEN SHE first set out on a career, Adi Abergil followed her older sister, international beauty queen Linor, into the modeling business. She never looked quite at home on the runway and may have realized that modeling has a limited life span. So she switched to something which would offer greater security and eventually a lot more money. She enrolled at the Netanya Academic College Law School and graduated last week along with some 300 other alumni. At NAC they were hoping that Linor and her husband, basketball star Saras Jasikevicius, might show up to give Adi moral support at the graduation ceremony. The PR division of the college certainly could have gotten some mileage out of it - but ultimately the couple didn't put in an appearance to see Adi in her cap and gown. THE FOUR letter word that starts with F is often uttered in movies and has even been allowed to creep into television programs. But most newspapers and periodicals still balk at actually printing it in full. However radio's music man Didi Harari, who often appears as a guest on various lightweight TV panels, had no qualms about wearing a t-shirt on which the F word was boldly emblazoned when he appeared as a guest on Margalit Tsanani's arbitration show. The camera kept focusing on Harari's chest, perhaps to highlight that by wearing something so outrageous he was expressing what he really thought of the show.