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French chanson singer Juliette Greco proved that at 80 she can still belt it out in her inimitable style.

roni fortis 88 298 (photo credit: Courtesy  Photo)
roni fortis 88 298
(photo credit: Courtesy Photo)
ISRAEL'S TELEVISION Academy held their awards ceremony Thursday night, presenting a lifetime achievement award to Israel Television pioneer, Dan Shilon. His brother Yigal Shilon, who is also a leading television personality, and with whom he had a long and awkward period of estrangement, corrected an historical error at the ceremonies saying in a documented tribute that although Haim Yavin is credited with founding Israel Television, it was in fact Dan Shilon who was the first broadcaster. Motti Kirschenbaum together with Yaron London received the award for the best investigative news program and praised Shilon's achievements and professionalism, expressing confidence that Shilon still has much more to contribute to the industry. Kirschenbaum is a former director general of Israel Television and before that made masterful news documentaries. London, who was also a prominent broadcaster with the Israel Broadcasting Authority dedicated his and Kirschenbaum's award to their colleagues on all the other Israeli channels. Prior to the awards ceremony, arriving celebrities were subjected to brief red carpet interviews. During one, Shilon admitted that he was thrilled and somewhat embarrassed to have been selected. He played it cool until the actual awards ceremony when his emotions got the best of him. In accepting the award, Shilon, 66, observed that a lifetime achievement award is not typically given in the spring of one's life and said it served as a reminder that his biological clock is ticking. However, he does not consider himself old and said he still has a lot to offer. OBVIOUSLY AGE is no longer a barrier for those who can and want to work. Shimon Peres is one of the best examples. Another octogenarian who was briefly in our midst was French chanson singer Juliette Greco, who proved that at 80 she can still belt it out in her inimitable style. Greco, who released a new album last December, came to Israel for a single June 21 performance at the Mann Auditorium and stayed at the Tel Aviv Hilton, where she once stayed more than 20 years ago. She was welcomed to the hotel by general manager Ronnie Fortis and hotel group coordinator Dana Silberberg who gave her the red carpet treatment and presented her with a huge bouquet of flowers. THE GREATEST claim to fame of Imelda Marcos, who turns 78 on July 2, is her passion for shoes. After she fled the Philippines with her corrupt, dictator husband Ferdinand Marcos, more than 3,000 pairs of designer label shoes such as Ferragamo, Givenchy, Chanel and Christian Dior, were found in her closets in the presidential palace. Following Ferdinand's death, in 1989 Marcos returned to the Philippines where she reintegrated herself into society, became politically active and opened a shoe museum in Marikina (the shoe capital of the Philippines). Channel Two's Ehud Yaari, who has just returned from a trip to the Philippines, interviewed her and discovered that her great grandfather was Jewish. That might just make her eligible for aliya. Yaari was obviously charmed by her and asked at the end of the interview if he could give her a kiss. She didn't mind at all. TO FINISH off this week's column, let's go back to the younger generation. Ninette Tayeb, 23, is obviously aware that celebrity endorsements lead to greater public awareness of a product or cause, and has allied herself with the quest for organ donors in Israel. In the commercials she's taped, she states that she has signed a donor card and invites the public to do the same. Tayeb has also lent her name to the fight for agunot (women anchored in marriage against their will), so that they can resume normal lives.