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Rumors are circulating that something is amiss in the relationship of national heart-throb Yehuda Levy and his live-in companion Efrat Boimwald.

yehuda and yael 88 298 (photo credit: )
yehuda and yael 88 298
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Rumors are circulating that something is amiss in the relationship of national heart-throb Yehuda Levy and his live-in companion Efrat Boimwald. The two are seldom seen together of late, and Boimwald did not show up at Ben Gurion Airport to say goodbye when Levy flew to Rio de Janeiro with former significant other Yael Bar-Zohar to once again do a photo shoot for the Fox catalogue in which they have been partnered for more than three years. In September of this year, Bar-Zohar married Guy Zuaretz, and Levy and Boimwald were among the wedding guests. OF course the rumor mill is always fanning the flames of discontent. Orna and Moshe Datz, the husband and wife singing team, are constantly denying rumors that they are splitting up. The rumors intensified when Orna Datz became a star in her own right through her make-over television show. The couple is still together and recently appeared on Everything Moves the new Dudu Topaz show, in which their appearance was an obvious attempt to yet again squelch the rumors. In a recent interview with one of the Hebrew tabloids, Orna Datz said that she could not guarantee that they would live happily ever after, because no-one could see that far into the future. But she certainly exerted all efforts to give the impression that for the time being there is no trouble in paradise. VETERAN radio and television broadcaster Yaacov Ahimeir who spent some two-thirds of his life in the employ of the Israel Broadcasting Authority, has been awarded the prestigious Nahum Sokolov Prize for journalism. Unlike many of his IBA colleagues or rivals in other media outlets, Ahimeir is soft-spoken, unfailingly polite on air, and seemingly non-aggressive. His subjects are therefore less tense and tend to say more than they do to other interviewers. IS Channel Two about to lose another member of its news team? Both Labor and the National Religious Party are actively courting Channel Two's man in the north Menahem Horowitz. Tempting though the offers are, Horowitz has told friends and acquaintances that he still finds journalism more attractive, and has no immediate intentions of crossing to the other side. This could be another case of "Methinks thou dost protest too much..." THE media is waiting with not exactly bated breath to see whether cosmetics queen and television personality Pnina Rosenblum, who has wanted for so long to be a Member of Knesset, will seize the possibility to realize her dream. If she does, it may not be to her advantage vis- -vis elections for the next Knesset. On the other hand, her becoming an MK could restore the female ratio in the plenum to the highest that it has ever been. Eighteen women were elected to the 16th Knesset, but the number decreased with the death of former environment minister Yehudit Naot who succumbed to throat cancer.