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Michael Amdurski's tummy bulge is long gone, and her figure has returned to its former proportions, but photos of her pregnancy are being widely circulated.

michal amdurskey 88 224 (photo credit: )
michal amdurskey 88 224
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ALTHOUGH WE are constantly advised to read the small print before signing any legal document, few of us actually do, and the outcome of ignoring the advice can often be costly as Rita and Rami Kleinstein discovered this week. A year ago, when they were still to all intents and purposes one of the happiest and united couples in Israel's entertainment industry, they decided to sue Helicon Records with whom they had been working for some twenty years, for NIS4 million, for what they claimed were withheld revenues from their recordings. Had they reread their contract with Helicon, they might have saved themselves a lot of money. The contract stipulated that in the event of a financial dispute, they would go for arbitration and would not take the matter to court. Helicon counter-sued for breach of contract in the Tel Aviv District Court, and was awarded damages of NIS20,000. By the way, Kleinstein has been seen cruising around Tel Aviv on an electric scooter in preference to a four-wheeled vehicle. It's doubtful whether his preference has anything to do with finances. Tel Aviv streets have become so congested, that it's simply easier to use a motor bike or a scooter, especially since traffic regulations allow riders of two-wheeled modes of transport to use the sidewalk, much to the consternation of pedestrians who have to quickly move out of the way when a rider comes bearing down on them from the opposite direction. GREEK SINGING star Glikeria, who happens to be a great fan of President Shimon Peres, will perform with Shlomi Shabat at the annual Variety fund-raiser for mentally and physically disabled children. Variety, in all those countries in which it operates, is largely supported by the entertainment industry. Among the celebrities who have already indicated that they will be attending the gala event at Prime, in the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds this coming Wednesday, are Gadi Sukenik, Shiraz Tal, Dudu Topaz, Zvika Pick, Shahar Pe'er and Rodrigo Gonzales. JUST BEFORE taking up his new position as the Friday night news anchor on Channel Two, Yair Lapid, last week appeared at D-Mall in Ramat Gan as the Master of Ceremonies for the launch of a new campaign by Paamonim, a voluntary organization dedicated to the economic rehabilitation of individuals and families that have fallen on hard times, and are not looking for charity, but simply for a way of managing their affairs so that they can get out of the morass. Founded ten years ago and staffed by 600 volunteers, Paamonim has 200 success stories in the past year alone. The new campaign will go into operation in January at around the same time as Lapid takes his place on Ulpan Shishi. ALTHOUGH LAPID remains out of the promotion business for as long as he stays with Ulpan Shishi, and the world is waiting with bated breath to see who Bank Hapoalim will choose as his replacement, Gidi Gov has just landed himself a nice deal with Bezeq, as the announcer in their commercials, for which he will receive $100,000 a year. Now, that's a nice way to communicate. WHAT YOU see is not always what you get. It's already several weeks since Michal Amdurski gave birth to her second child, but photographs that she posed for in the Rami-Lee catalogue are currently being used in the advertising campaigns of the maternity clothes manufacturer. Amdurski's tummy bulge is long gone, and her graceful figure has returned to its former proportions, but photos of her pregnant pause are being widely circulated. After all the media hype surrounding former fashion model Sigal Shachmon, prior to her joining forces with Avri Gilad on Channel Two's breakfast show, Shachmon, who has appeared in other television productions, most notably with her ex-boyfriend Aki Avni, when they were both still single, has quit after only three weeks on the job. She gave notice of her resignation last week. When it was announced that Shachmon was taking over from Einav Galili, doubts were voiced as to whether she could step into Galili's shoes, since Galili is known to be an intellectual. Shachmon's response was that she would find her own way and forge her own style. Apparently, it didn't gel. Maybe it was just too soon for Shachmon to return to work after the break-up of her marriage and the birth of her baby or perhaps there simply wasn't any chemistry between her and Gilad. Whatever the reason, there's a vacancy for a female on the breakfast show. ABOUT TO release his first album, Jacko Eisenberg, the controversial winner of A Star is Born, who made a cardinal error when speaking out against army service, will find out to what extent he's been forgiven when record sales start to be tallied. As far as personal appearances are concerned, he has survived boycott calls, but the real test will be in the album's volume of sales. IF HE were alive, John Lennon would probably be tickled pink that a lock of his hair had fetched $48,000. Local entertainer Michael Lewis has no such illusions about himself, but given his popularity, entered into an arrangement with Walla for the public sale of Michael Lewis memorabilia, with all proceeds going to the Children's Oncology Unit at Tel Hashomer Hospital.