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Most celebrities seldom last more than two or three years.

Anat Atzmon 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Anat Atzmon 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy)
CONGRATULATIONS ARE in order to comedienne and Tel Aviv City Council member Orna Banai who has embraced motherhood for the second time. Banai brought home a baby sister for her five-year-old son Amir. She refused to reveal details about Amir's father, and is being equally secretive now. No one outside her family knows whether the youngsters were conceived through donor sperm or whether there is a mystery man in the background. Banai starred in the television soap series Imaleh, which focuses on a woman who conceives a baby out of wedlock. MOST CELEBRITIES, be they professional models or members of the entertainment industry, seldom last more than two or three years as spokespeople for any particular brand name. Whereas in another era a particular face associated with a product spelled stability, in the ever-changing world of today there is a constant search for a new face - which makes actress, model and television hostess Galit Gutman a major exception to the rule. Gutman has been the muse for wedding gown and evening wear designer Dani Mizrahi for more than a decade, and she's been the face and body for H&O for approximately the same amount of time. There was talk of replacing her at H&O with a couple - the ever-glamorous husband and wife team Aki Avni and Sandy Bar were in mind - but in the final analysis they stayed with Gutman and are looking for a suitable male partner. WHEN YOU can model in the warmth of a photographer's studio or any other indoor location, it's much easier than in an outdoor location where it can be very hot or very cold. Pilpel, which several years ago contributed to the launch of Yael Bar-Zohar's career, chose Eilat as the location for next season's catalogue shoot. But even in Eilat, actress and model Adi Himmelblau, who is modeling the current Pilpel collection, was not exactly warm. The temperature was low and the wind was strong - but good actress that she is, she shivered only between poses. PAST AND present employees of the Channel 2 News Corporation recently made their way to Gonky, a popular south Tel Aviv nightclub that attracts the fashionistas who, despite their chic, are part of the Israeli nostalgia cult and want to hear songs belted out with patriotic fervor by the likes of Einat Sarouf and Sarele Sharon. On that particular night, Sharon was onstage - but she was not alone. Various reporters and news anchors mounted the stage to sing with her. The gathering was a farewell to Aharon Barnea, who is going to be Channel 2's man in Washington. Barnea and Yair Lapid, his replacement on Ulpan Shishi, sang a duet together. AMONG THE five songs that Boaz Mauda, the fifth winner of A Star is Born, will sing in the pre-Eurovision contest for the Israeli entry to the annual competition will be one that was written by previous Eurovision winner Dana International. The five songs were chosen from among 450 submissions by professional and amateur songwriters. The pre-Eurovision and Eurovision competitions, traditionally a Channel 1 stronghold, will also be broadcast this year on Channel 2, with the presentation of the five songs on February 25 and the winning song on February 26. The two programs will be produced by Keshet and Channel 1 and will be hosted by Zvika Hadar, the host of A Star is Born and Born to Dance. Television viewers will be asked to vote for the song that they like best so that the Israeli entry to Eurovision will be most representative of the Israeli public. PREVIOUS WINNERS of A Star is Born are also having good things happen to them. Harel Moyal is on the way to the bridal canopy and Yehuda Sa'ado and his wife Esther, whom he married last September, are expecting to become parents in June. ALSO EXPECTED in June is a wedding for actress and model Noa Tishbi and her Australian TV beau Andrew Gunsberg, better known as Andrew G. The couple has been together for three years. The venue will be Kibbutz Sdot Yam. IS THERE a wedding in the offing between actress, singer and model Anat Atzmon and singer, guitarist and composer Danny Sanderson? The two have been dating for close to three months. Sanderson is a widower and Atzmon, a divorcee. Each has two children. Atzmon was previously married to actor Dan Turgeman. USUALLY WHEN mention is made about a daughter of internationally celebrated, prize-winning author Amos Oz, it refers to Dr. Fania Oz-Salzberger of Haifa University - who is an international celebrity in her own right. But more recently, the Oz daughter in the news has been theater director Galit Oz, who is one of 10 people vying for the single vacant spot on the Second Channel Council. Among the other candidates are singer Hanan Yovel and Dr. Tzvia Walden, who happens to be the daughter of President Shimon Peres.