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Fans of Shlomo Artzi will be thrilled to know that a documentary of his life is scheduled to be screened on television.

Shlomo Artzi 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Shlomo Artzi 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy)
IN JEWISH tradition there's a sage piece of advice "Asse lecha rav," which in essence means, find a rabbi you can look to for advice and guidance. One rav many Israeli politicians, entertainers and other celebrities flock to is Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Ifergan of Netivot who is better known as "Harentgen," or the X-Ray rabbi, for the powers of discernment attributed to him. Ifergan is not exactly a fortune teller, but the advice he dispenses with regard to business deals, careers, romances and illness is so often spot-on, that people from all over the country beat a path to his door. Not only that, but the celebrity rabbi has become so popular that he is often seen at some of Israel's most high-profile weddings and bar mitzvas. But popularity has its price. When Ifergan was planning the bar mitzva celebration of his son Shalom Shlomi, the guest list continued to mushroom to the extent that on March 13, Ifergan will expect at least 4,000 people, including rabbis, politicians, business tycoons and entertainers. Paying for such an extravagant reception shouldn't be too much of a headache, though. Most caterers would consider it an honor to be selected for such a prestigious event and might even reflect their appreciation with a discount. In addition, many of the magnates who show up will bring a four digit check. Ifergan will be able to celebrate in style and the paparazzi will have a field day. AS SOON as the Austrian film The Counterfeiters won the Academy Award for the best foreign language film, Yediot Aharonot published a story featuring Avraham Sonnenfeld, 82, who recalled his days as a counterfeiter forced by the Nazis to create and print false British and American bank notes. Sonnenfeld was one of the few Israelis who wasn't rooting for Joseph Cedar's Beaufort because the Austrian entry told "his" life's story. Sonnenfeld is one of less than a handful of Jewish WWII counterfeiters who has no number on his arm. With nothing to indicate his past, his family didn't often contemplate his war experiences. But when his grandchildren saw The Counterfeiters, they were dumbstruck. Suddenly, their grandfather's story became clear to them and they developed a new appreciation for his background. FEW CAN claim to have the kind of longevity in the music business that Ilanit does. The performer, who has been singing professionally since the 1960s, recently signed a contract with CEO of NMC United Pnina Edery for the production and release of a new album in honor of Israel's 60th anniversary. Ilanit can boast a decades-long career, but Edery has come a long way too. When Ilanit and her long-time partner Shlomo Zach made their first recording way back when, Edery was the sound technician in the studio. FANS OF Shlomo Artzi will be thrilled to know that a documentary of his life is scheduled to be screened on television in May. Artzi is one of those popular singers who been fortunate enough to maintain most of his professional and personal relationships, as well as his good name. EVEN THOUGH celebrities are often hounded by photographers, some will not allow the nuisance to impede on their daily lives. Despite being a high-profile actress and television hostess, Michal Zuaretz agreed to chaperone her son Tom's recent school outing. On the bus, she reportedly encouraged everyone to sing. Although Tom might have been slightly embarrassed, the other youngsters were more than happy to have a celebrity leading the chorus.