HAOMAN 17: End of an era tonight

Patrons of Jerusalem's most famous club will dance away one last, long night tonight.

haoman 17 88 (photo credit: )
haoman 17 88
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After dominating the Jerusalem nightlife scene for 12 years, the legendary Haoman 17 will close as a nightclub this week and re-open after Pessah as a mega bar. A tribute party will be held tonight entitled "One Last Night in Jerusalem" and will go from midnight through noon - one hour for every year in business. "Today the trend is toward mega bars and dance bars, and this is also true for Jerusalem," explains co-owner Hillel Farkash of the switch. In fact, competition for Haoman's future incarnation has already opened a few weeks in the guise of Blanco, a mega bar located in the industrial area of Talpiot.
Click for upcoming events calendar! The party will bring together staff, managers, DJs and longtime regulars from all Haoman's years of operation - and is co-sponsored by ultra-trendy, underground Tel Aviv dance bars Dada and Breakfast Club. "They are coming to pay respect to the place; Haoman shaped Israeli night life," explains Farkash. Spinning at the closing blow-out will be DJs Sahar Zangilevich, Yuval Zach, Omri H, and Asi Kojak. Meanwhile, the Haoman 17 branch in Tel Aviv, which opened in 2005, will continue to operate as a mega club. Renovations of the Jerusalem interior begin on Sunday. Regarding the new design: "You'll have to wait and see," says Farkash. Haoman 17, Jerusalem. 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. NIS 70-100. Info: (02) 678-1658.