Hapoel Tel Aviv fans protest Kashtan hiring

Dozens of Hapoel supporters protest outside club’s Hodorov training complex to voice their anger with the ongoing wrangling between owners.

Bibi netanyahu (photo credit: JPost Staff)
Bibi netanyahu
(photo credit: JPost Staff)
There seems to be no end in sight to the administrative turmoil at Hapoel Tel Aviv, and fans of the club are growing more and more frustrated with every embarrassing episode.
Dozens of Hapoel supporters protested outside the club’s Hodorov training complex on Sunday to voice their anger with the ongoing wrangling between co-owners Moni Harel and Eli Tabib that has brought complete disarray to their beloved team.
Three days after saying that long-term assistant Yossi Abuksis is set to succeed his mentor Eli Gutman as head coach, Tabib announced on Saturday that Dror Kashtan will return to Hapoel to guide the team in 2011/12 for what will be his fourth tenure at the club.
The announcement by Tabib, who claims to be the sole owner of the club (although the matter will be discussed in court later this month following an appeal by Harel), caught everyone by surprise, most of all Abuksis, who was already preparing the side for the coming season.
“Before speaking to Dror I called Abuksis.
Only then did I call Kashtan,” Tabib said on Sunday. “I don’t know why the fans are angry.
“We are trying to progress in our preparations for next season, but we are being disrupted by Harel.”
Unsurprisingly, Harel’s representative on the board, Kobi Sidi, had a different angle on the situation, although he did confirm Kashtan will be the team’s coach.
“This is going to be a disaster for Hapoel,” Sidi said. “Tabib says he is signing players and coaches, but at the moment he can’t even sign off on the kit the team will wear.
“I want the team to continue its preparation, but at the moment everything is stuck and only the judge will decide who really owns Hapoel.”