Hol Hamoed is a fairytale in Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv municipality and is putting on more than 10 productions and street events, all based on classic fairytales; Eretz-Israel Museum is offering a variety of activities.

For the fifth year running, the Tel Aviv municipality is putting on more than 10 productions and street events over Hol Hamoed Pessah, all based on classic fairytales. The shows will be playing every day from April 21-25, 9a.m. to 4p.m., at the Tel Aviv museum and the adjacent Beit Ariella. Tickets can be purchased by calling at (03)-571-0005 or (03)-574-5005. Festival ticket holders are entitled to free entry to the museum. Go to www.shelanu.tapuz.co.il for more information. Elsewhere, the Eretz-Israel Museum is offering a full range of activities for children aged 5 and up and for the entire family. It's all centered around the theme of spring and Pessah. Each day this week, starting at noon, there will be a tour around the museum that follows the Had Gadya song from the Haggada. Children will also be enlisted to participate in a scavenger hunt. To make reservations call: 03-641-5244 At the Suzanne Dellal Center, the Yalduti Festival will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is an annual spring theater and dance festical for children and the whole family. Call 03-510-5656 or visit www.suzannedellal.org.il The Yarkon National Park is holding a Pessah circus for the entire family - juggling shows, fire acrobaticsa nd juggling lessons are all included. Guests will also be able to learne how to walk on stilts and use a bow and arrow (for a fee). April 21-23 between 11am - 15:00pm at the Yarkon National Park, the Tel Afek-Antipatris coumpound near Petah Tikva. Adult fee, NIS 23, children over 5, NIS 12. For more info, call 03-903-0760 or visit www.parks.org.il Street Theater at the Tel Aviv Port - a wide range of street performances. Wednesday and Thursday. Free admission. On Monday, From Slavery to Freedom Song of the Sea Festival: Lecture with music on a Kabbalistic view of the Exodus. HaRav Dr. Michael Laytman with David Gru, bassoon, Motti Mor, keyboard, Ronen Abutbul, darbuka, Danny Witzfeld, classical guitar and Zamir Golan, acoustic guitar. Arbeli-Almoslino Hall, Givataim Theater, 40 Remez St at 17:00pm. NIS 50-60. 03-732-5340