Invasion of the righteous comedians

A series of stand-up comedy evenings in the name of tzedaka.

Avi liberman 298 (photo credit: Courtesy photo)
Avi liberman 298
(photo credit: Courtesy photo)
Laugh yourself silly in the name of tzedaka (charity) with a series of stand-up comedy evenings to benefit the Crossroads Center. The performances will feature four busy comedians from the States: Avi Liberman, Maryellen Hooper, Allan Murray and Saleem. The shows take place June 21 in Ra'anana, June 25 in Tel Aviv and June 26 in Jerusalem. Crossroads is a social services organization for English- speaking youth at risk located near Kikar Zion in downtown Jerusalem. With a devoted staff of social workers and volunteers, Crossroads actively seeks out troubled teens on the street and aims to facilitate their way to a productive and balanced life. The services Crossroads provides are certainly no laughing matter: between 150 and 200 youth pass through the doors of the organization's drop-in center each week. Many are homeless or have run away from abusive situations and find themselves without resources on the streets of Jerusalem. Others come to Israel on a study program or to yeshiva but end up dropping out or falling prey to drugs. All are more comfortable speaking English than Hebrew and have trouble fitting into Israeli society. By offering counseling, activities and educational opportunities to this marginal and at-risk group, the Crossroads Center provides much needed services to those who might otherwise slip through the cracks. It is the only intervention center for English-speaking teenagers in the country. The upcoming tour is the second time that Crossroads has organized a tour of comedians; the group's event last year was very well received and also featured up-and-coming stand-up artist Avi Liberman, who was born in Israel and has organized several solidarity-oriented comedy tours of the country. All shows cost NIS 100, with all proceeds to benefit the Crossroads Center. •June 21 at 8:30 p.m. in Raanana at Mofet Heichal Tarbut. Tickets: Mofaim, (09) 741-5566.
  • June 25 at 8:30 p.m. in Tel Aviv at Tsavta Comedy Bar. Tickets: Crossroads, (02) 624-6265.
  • June 26 at 8:30 p.m. in Jerusalem at the Yellow Submarine. Tickets: Crossroads, (02) 624-6265.