'Islamic nations will back Iran strike'

Deputy minister Ayoub Kara says messages from Islamic leaders conveyed to PM.

ayoub kara 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
ayoub kara 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be quietly supported by a wide coalition of Islamic nations, including a number of extremist states, Deputy Minister of the Negev and Galilee Ayoub Kara said Saturday.
Kara, speaking at a Beersheba event, said that though none of them would admit to it publicly, Islamic nations had conveyed messages to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that they would back military action against Iran by Israel and the US.
Kara said that Israel would strike "if there is no option."
Western countries have drafted a weakened fourth set of sanctionsagainst the Islamic Republic. Under pressure from Russia and China, thenations will not tighten the ban on trade between Western banks and theCentral Bank of Iran (CBI). Diplomats at the United Nations were quotedas saying that the United States, Britain, France and Germany acceptedRussia’s proposal that the West only ban trading with newly-establishedIranian banks, and not increase existing trade limitations with the CBI.