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The Boris Eifman Ballet returns for a sixth time with Eifman's Don Juan and Moliere.

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don juan dance 88 298
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Eifman, Moliere and Don Juan The Boris Eifman Ballet returns for a sixth time with Eifman's Don Juan and Moliere (2001), a ballet that looks at the legendary lover and his creator, Jean Baptiste Poquelin, otherwise know to the world as Moliere. In it the choreographer examines the artist and creativity through the interaction of the dramatist with his character, the real and fictitious events in their lives, loves and passions inevitably intertwining. Eifman created his company in the then Leningrad in 1977 and is today regarded as Russia's leading choreographer. Since 1990 he and the company have been touring the world. The company will perform in Tel Aviv (1-4/2) at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Haifa Congressional Center (5/2) and the Jerusalem International Convention Center (6/2). Botstein's Q & A Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra music director Leon Botstein wonders whether their Jewishness influenced the music of 19th and 20th century German Jewish composers. He'll ask the questions and provide possible answers in "Music and Jews" one of the Musical Discovery series. Schoenberg, Goldschmidt and Mendelssohn are the featured composers. The concert is on December 22 at the Jerusalem Theater. Rossini for kids The Israel Chamber Orchestra is offering children a romp through Rossini's merry opera La Cenerentola directed by Niv Hoffman and sung by students from the Israel Opera Studio. The story is pretty much the same as the classical Cinderella, except that in this one it's not a glass slipper Cinderella leaves behind, but a bracelet. In those stuffy times to show a lady's leg would have been thought scandalous - at least that's the story. The ICO is conducted by David Zebba and the shows are at the Tel Aviv Museum of December 21 and January 9.