NY businessman sues film company over 'Borat'

A businessman seen fleeing down Manhattan's Fifth Avenue in the hit movie "Borat" with British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen chasing after him has sued filmmaker 20th Century Fox, saying his civil rights were violated. The lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Manhattan, seeks unspecified damages on behalf of the businessman, who listed himself as John Doe. The New York Post reported Thursday that the businessman was Jeffrey Lemerond. Lemerond, a Dartmouth College graduate and financial analyst, was shown running and yelling "Go away!" as Cohen's Borat character, a phony Kazakhstan journalist, chased him in an attempt to hug strangers. His lawyer did not immediately return a telephone message for comment Thursday. Twentieth Century Fox said that Lemerond's claim was "completely without merit" and that it would "aggressively defend this lawsuit" and anticipated it would prevail.