Salute to Shakespeare

On Saturday night, the Cameri Theater of Tel Aviv gave a "Salute to William Shakespeare" at the British Ambassador's Residence in Ramat Gan. Actors from the theater performed excerpts from past and present Cameri productions of the British playwright's works. Among them, Hanna Meron, one of the queens of Israeli theater, splendidly recited Rosalind's epilogue from As You Like It (in English), while Itay Tiran, who plays the lead in the Cameri's current version of Hamlet, delivered in Hebrew the famous "To Be or Not To Be" soliloquy. The event was held to honor the Tel Aviv theater troupe's summer success at the Gdansk International Shakespeare Festival. The Who's Who of the theater world attended the event and British Ambassador Simon McDonald welcomed everyone, saying it was his pleasure to host the veteran actors at his home. Snippets of the Cameri's previous Shakespeare productions were shown in a short video - with English subtitles on texts that had been translated into Hebrew from English. In related news, the Cameri on Sunday announced its intention to honor Tiran and his co-performer Gil Frank (Claudius), among others, at this year's annual in-house awards for their outstanding acting.