Sex and the holy city: Kristin Davis tours Jerusalem

Davis, who plays Charlotte York in the popular TV series, toured Jerusalem's Old City on Tuesday as part of her promotional campaign.

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kristin davis 88
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In Sex and the City, her character converts out of love for her Jewish husband. But in her first visit to Israel, Kristin Davis refused to say if that was a case of art imitating life. Davis, who plays Charlotte York in the popular TV series, Sex and the City (which has just been released as a hit movie), is currently in the country to do a photo shoot for Ahava skin products. The 43-year-old actress toured Jerusalem's Old City on Tuesday as part of her promotional campaign. At a news conference at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, she praised Israeli women for their natural quality, love of fashion and for "being comfortable in their own skins." Asked what she would miss most about Charlotte, she replied: "I am the character. I won't miss anything, because I am her." Yet, when answering other questions, Davis said she was not as conservative and innocent as her character on the show. Wearing a dainty dress in the palest shade of peach, her face almost, but not quite devoid of make-up, and her feet encased in beautifully crafted and very high wedge-heeled sandals, Davis was Charlotte to a T, including her manner of speaking. She was friendly, outgoing, and surprised by some of the questions, like when a Walla reporter asked her whether she'd ever thought of going blonde. The answer was definitely no. "I've never wanted to be blonde. Have you? No, No. I don't want to be a blonde." Asked about Charlotte's conversion to Judaism and whether she had learned anything, she said that the storyline had been very challenging, because she had wanted to do the role justice. The producers brought in many advisers, whom, she said, "all contradicted each other." When asked whether life was imitating art in regards to her relationships with Jewish men during the course of the show, Davis - who is single - said she didn't like to discuss her private life, but admitted that she doesn't date. Contrary to what has appeared in gossip columns, the four stars of the show are good friends and are in constant touch with each other. Davis is She also declined to discuss Israeli politics or the Mideast conflict, but when asked whom she endorsed for US president, she flashed a big smile and emphatically said "Obama!" "He is fantastic, and it's a very exciting time in America," she said. She said she and her fellow Sex and the City actors Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon "love Hillary," but now that Clinton was out of the picture would put their star power behind Obama. "We are Democrats," she said.