Stars emerge for the 'Golden Screen'

The ceremony, Israel's Emmy's equivalent, was emceed by Erez Tal and broadcast live.

ninette taib 88 298 (photo credit: Maxim Reider)
ninette taib 88 298
(photo credit: Maxim Reider)
According to almost 130,000 viewers, A Wonderful Country (Eretz Nehederet) is the best television program of the year. Last Thursday night, the Golden Screen Awards for excellence in Israeli television were handed out at Heichal HaTarbut in Petach Tikva. The ceremony, Israel's Emmy's equivalent, was emceed by Erez Tal and broadcast live. The stars bounded onto the stage, some smiling sweetly, others joking, and all thanking their partners, directors, and of course, the audience. The awards, after all, are pretty much a popularity contest, with viewers voting in 18 categories for the winners. A Star is Born (Kochav Nolad) winner Ninette Taib won for best actress in a daily drama and received stormy applause from the audience, while Ran Danker, her beau, won a similar award in the mens' category, thanking his mother and his beloved Ninette. Gadi Sukenik and Yonit Levi received awards for best news presenters, but Levi accepted her award via satellite - somebody has to watch the shop, as they say. The ceremony ran smoothly, only occasionally interrupted by musical interludes or advertisements. Below is a partial list of winners: * The best entertainment program and the program of the year: Eretz Nehederet * Daily drama: HaShir Shelanu (Yes) * Best actress in a daily drama: Ninette Taib (HaShir Shelanu) * Best actor in a daily drama: Ran Danker (HaShir Shelanu) * Best reality show: Kochav Nolad 3 * Best dramatic/comic series: "Haim ze lo hakol" (Life is Not Everything) * Best actor in dramatic/comic series: Avi Kushnir * Best actress in dramatic/comic series: Anat Waxman (Life is Not Everything) * Best talk show: Yair Lapid * Best news presenters: Gadi Sukenik, Yonit Levi * Best documentary/ inquiry program: Kolbotek, by Rafi Ginat * Lifestyle: Odetta * Best original kids program: Exit * Best Magazine: Erev Tov with Guy Pines * Best TV movie: Krovim Krovim: HaIhud (Dear Family: Unification) * Best sport news presenter: Yoram Arbel, Channel 2, Sport 5